Seven Day NLP Practitioner Course

nlp practitioner course

The Seven Day NLP Practitioner Course offered at NLP World is designed to provide you with the techniques that will take you on a journey of a lifetime in just Seven Days. In seven days of taking this course you will be fully trained in the latest Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, Hypnosis and Time Based Techniques with the accredited and recognised certifications that come with such a training.

The main objective of this fully accredited NLP Practitioner course is to provide you with the know-how to discover and manage your abilities in a way that will guarantee results and success by making good use of the attributes already in your possession; physically, emotionally and mentally. The NLP techniques that you learn in this NLP Practitioner Certification course can be applied in business, therapy, health and coaching to enable you create the results that you want in your life.

The entire Seven Day NLP Practitioner course run for a period of one week and includes: Demonstration, instruction, discussion and the practice of techniques in a very supportive environment. The courses are divided into three components to make the learning process more structured and comprehensible.

You don’t need to have any pre-knowledge of NLP to take this course as everything will be taught from the pre-study materials that you will get as well as in the period of the seven days training. We guarantee that our training is very different from other NLP training courses offered elsewhere, as we offer very personalised human training designed to be easily applied to your daily life. Our highly qualified and dedicated team work with limited sized classrooms of 6-14 members as a way of ensuring that the individuals are able to confidently express themselves in the learning environment.

In order to ensure that the training you receive in the seven day period is complete and appropriate you will receive;

  • Live training for seven days
  • Certification and resources for future learning
  • Quality Demonstrations
  • Coaching and support at an Individual level
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Group practice sessions
  • Skills building exercises

Students who complete the seven day training course will learn;

  • NLP basics
  • Creating and maintaining genuine rapport
  • Understanding and utilising body language in communication
  • Observing other people
  • Skills on how to create positive change in yourself and others
  • Conscious use of language
  • The effective setting of both personal and professional goals
  • Taking charge of your own life and having the mental and physical alignment to be confident in all your dealings
  • To confidently learn new thinking and learning styles as well as experience new and different perspectives
  • The creation and management of your own emotional states for the purpose of gaining high performance
  • Learning how to manage stress in order to sustain high performance and have a greater sense of well being

Pre- Course study materials are provided to you when you sign up and come in the form of an online program. The online is default but we have other ways if that is not your preferred way of learning (audio).

  • Online professionally filmed program (default)
  • A USB stick together with the NLP Manual
  • Via a DropBox folder
  • Or in another format of your choosing (please ask when you book the course)

The Pre-course study materials enable you accelerate the learning process as they are designed to set the foundation for all the techniques you will learn during the course. You will also be issued with an open book written test prior to attending the course s a way to help us know the areas where you need help based on your understanding of the per-course study material.

What is included in the NLP Practitioner Course fees?

  • Pre-study materials that cover the whole curriculum of NLP and Time Based Techniques, including videos and PowerPoint walk-throughs from both live and studio recordings.
  • Pre and Post Course support that is offered via Zoom, Email or Telephone
  • A fully accredited course via ANLP, AIP, Comensa, CPD, The Coaching Society and we have BE status
  • The opportunity to attend the course again for just the administration fee
  • A discount on other training packages (when you book more than 1 course)
  • Inclusion into our group Facebook community to share ideas, messages and occasionally clients

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