Executive & Management Coaching

The one thing that matters in your business above all else is results. Whether those results are in the form of profitable sales, effective marketing, repeat customers, improvements in the way you run your business or in the team of people that make all of this happen for you. This is what NLP business training aims to get from you- results.

As you have probably noticed, the training that you send your staff to attend may produce varying results with the usual top performers doing well and the others you have just wasted money on. There are many reasons for this occurrence some of which are easily solved but before you go making major changes that may not produce the desired effect, it’s time you found training that gets some returns on your investment. You need to provide your staff with training that is working and that ensures that even the low performers are getting something new.

At NLP World we train Executive & Management Coaching everywhere from Mumbai, Hollywood, Stockholm and Sweden, so we have the expertise to know what works and what doesn’t. In our research we have found that the people you trust with implementing your business strategies and plans don’t believe they are successful. They are constantly questioning their ability to do the job correctly and end up working very hard, feeling stressed and undervalued at the end of the day. We can provide you with the latest techniques that give the managers and employees the communication and language skills that will turn failure into success without the pain.

Learning that your team and managers take an active role

In order for people to learn, they need an environment where they don’t just listen but are also able to physically take part. The ideal training for your team and managers is the one that produces fast and effective solutions but that the improvement in people and skill carries on long after the program is finished. This creates a situation where people are able to identify a future problem and are able to deal with it effectively.

In order to achieve this, we offer pre-study materials that include Video, MP3 Files, books and other resources, plus the back-up facilities to every member of staff who attends the training.

It is essential to get the Learning material right

The fact that we have run training and coaching programs with thousands of people over the last 15 years, including managing directors and shop floor workers; from SME’s to blue chip companies, it is very easy for us to work with you to get what you want. The first step in our training involves spending time with out NLP Trainers so we can get a clear assessment of your objectives.

We take the time to do a 360-degree analysis with everyone involved who makes a difference to your organisation. From this point we can move with certainty with what is really needed to make the changes you desire.

You then become part of an exciting and successful training where your team members begin to enjoy the benefits of NLP based training, turning areas that were once abject failures into repetitive successes. Our NLP programs are designed to be both fun and exciting with tried and tested methods that guarantee results every time.

We also offer you a guarantee that if at any one time you put in the commitment and time into our program and don’t get the desired results we agree to work with you free of charge until the initial goal is fulfilled.

We run our courses with you either at outsourced venues or in-house.