Susanne Billander

Susanne Billander | Meta-Medicine Master Trainer | Master Practitioner of NLP | NLP WorldSusanne Billander was only 22 years old when she became a Practitioner of NLP. From a standing start, just three years later, she was training top executives in American Express and getting the highest feedback of all the trainers! Her ability to “see” the highest in people, whilst giving feedback of the top order, leaves participants lost for words as they change into the best individuals and Practitioners that they came here for.

Susanne works from the UK and out of Sweden where she lives. As well as being one of the quickest learners we have had at NLP world, she couples this with her very human approach to people…a great double act; learning in the heart and the head!

Here’s some of Susanne’s qualifications to train:

* Master Practitioner & trainer of NLP
* Corporate trainer
* Master Time Based Techniques Practitioner
* Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist
* Life Coach accredited by The Coaching Society
* Meta-Medicine Health Coach
* Meta-Medicine Trainer Level 3

Susanne trains Internationally, making huge impacts in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the US.

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