Arguing for a better understanding

man woman arguing

By Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist Arguing for a better understanding. Love them or hate them, if you find yourself in an intimate or any other kind of relationships, odds are that sooner or later you are bound to experience a disagreement. In many cases, arguments spiral out of context and become fuelled by “ghosts of Christmas past”. Meaning that all too often the true fuel that keeps your argument going … Continue Reading

NLP Master Practitioner course | NLP World

The NLP Master Practitioner training | NLP World – Analysis by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist Don’t become an NLP Master Practitioner. Don’t even think of working with Terry Elston of NLP World because you would not what to live an abundant life and you would most definitely not want to engage with your unimaginable abilities within. I will explain this logic later in the article. I recently completed my NLP … Continue Reading

The Map is Not the Territory

The Map is not the territory

The Map is Not the Territory, and all the meaning that goes with it. An article about NLP and finding new meaning, by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist The world as it is, has been and will always move towards homeostasis or balance if you will. I dare go further and say that the world and its surrounding universe are in a state of perfect harmony. Yet, I have come to … Continue Reading

Keep The Focus

wesley kew retreat

Keep The Focus Keep the focus – A question that I have asked myself many times during the course of my life is who decided that things are “Easier said than done?” What is the payoff for perpetuating this life sentence? In my opinion it is a convenient excuse for NOT doing important things. Recently I was part of a team that ran a holistic wellness retreat, offering delegates the … Continue Reading

There is no failure only feedback

there is no failure only feedback

There is no failure only feedback – Ignorant but willing, now what? Written by Wesley Kew – Clinical Psychologist Very early on in my career as a therapist, I was told that I don’t really know what I’m doing but I have a good feel for it. To many this many sound like an outright insult, judgment or whatever negative connotation springs forth in your mind. However, from a young … Continue Reading