Four Day South Africa NLP Registration

If you wanted a really affordable and short entry into NLP, you can now experience our four day NLP South Africa certification course.

You will still get the whole curriculum of NLP and STILL be accredited as an NLP Practitioner (via Association of Integrative Psychologists: AIP).

There are an agreed number of hours to perform to qualify with AIP, yet you will do this by course hours and homework, plus a free online coaching course (worth R4500 by itself).

If you want details of the seven day South Africa NLP Practitioner training click here, for the seven day course details and click here for the four day details, otherwise you can click on the “Add to Cart” registration button to start the process.

Deposit & Registration Fee R5000, (approximately as will be billed in UK pounds): The deposit also gets you your pre-study course audio materials plus manual. Obviously there is a balance to pay, which is due on the day before you start your training. Full price is R9000

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If you would like to expand your four day qualification to Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis certification, just add on three days and you can qualify for these accredited certifications as well. Book on our NLP South Africa Training today.

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