Quality Online NLP Training Course

Online NLP Training Course

The Online NLP Training Course is a complete, online video based training program designed to teach you everything you need to know to become a highly effective NLP Coach.

This is one of the ONLY online courses that gives you ACCESS TO NLP TRAINERS for feedback or questions.

NLP techniques are highly valuable and immediately applicable skills in areas such as business, coaching, leadership, marketing and healthcare.

During this course you will be taken on the journey of a lifetime which will show to the ‘How’ of how to discover and manage your abilities to get success and results, using the attributes you already have; mentally, emotionally and physically.

We’ve combined the best of our teachings from years of live trainings into an easy to follow video based program which will leave you with tangible skills and time proven techniques to create change on a deep neurological level – all from the comfort of your own home!

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Who is the online course for?

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The Online NLP training course is a great fit if you are someone who’s looking for skills and techniques that you can immediately apply to your personal life and at work to create positive changes.

You do not need any prior knowledge of NLP to get the most out of this course, we will teach you everything you need to know at a speed that is comfortable to you.

If you are looking for a complete NLP Practitioner training course then this is a great place to start. By graduating from the Online NLP Training course you will also be eligible to enrol into a live training and you’ll only need to pay the difference!

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What will I learn on the Online NLP Training Course?

Click on the tabs below to get the complete details of what you can expect from this in-depth training course.

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Is this a full NLP Practitioner Training program?

The Coaching Society | NLP WorldAll of the material covered in this Online NLP Training Program is included as the pre-study material for a live NLP Practitioner Training program. This online course by itself is NOT a full NLP Practitioner certification program but it is a fully certified NLP Coaching Certification, backed by NLP World and The Coaching Society.

No training providers can claim to give a full NLP Practitioner Certification without the attendance and supervised experience of a live training event.



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What’s included in the course?

The Online NLP Training course is a completely online Video based training program accessed through our private membership area.

Certificate Online NLPInstead of having to wait for anything to arrive in the post, you’ll immediately have lifelong access to all of the online material including;

  • 5 Modules of highly specific great quality visual and actionable NLP training.
  • Professionally filmed supplementary live clients training videos to aid your understanding of the modules.
  • 18 downloadable Coaching Forms, including coaching agreements, session questions, booking spreadsheets, client register and much more
  • The Full NLP World Manual in PDF format
  • Fully editable supplementary workbooks in PDF format to test and deepen your understanding and own personal development.
  • Answers to any questions you may have in the membership comments area from NLP World trainers and other course graduates.


These are just some of our successful NLP World Graduates who have come through the ranks!

Terms and conditions: seven day full money back guarantee if the program is faulty (and can’t be fixed) or you can’t access the videos from where you are. We recommend you look at the trailers we have (blogs) first to make sure you can play videos and look at the images. Email me at info@nlpworld.co.uk for any more information you need before booking.