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NLP Coaching

Cape Town NLP Practitioners

What is NLP Coaching? South Africa is unique in calling any type of NLP training NLP coaching. The reasons for this are not entirely clear yet it could be because of the lack of good quality NLP trainers in the regions. What is the difference between NLP coaching and being an NLP Practitioner? There is a huge difference between what is called a coach or a life coach and a … Continue Reading

NLP Coaching in Cape Town

NLP Practitioner Course | April 2013 | NLP World

NLP Coaching in Cape Town When I took my first NLP training in 1996, I had no idea what was to become of that. I just knew I had to do it and to find the resources no matter what it cost. I had been doing a little coaching, but had no formal training, just experience from a passion of communicating. I did know that from becoming qualified, I would … Continue Reading

NLP Coach or Life Coach?

group of nlp coaches

The question “NLP Coach or life coach?” has been asked so much that I thought I’d write a blog to fulfil that desire. What’s the difference between a life coach and an NLP Coach? There is a huge difference between NLP training and coaching training. So what are those differences? When I was on holiday many years ago, I saw an NLP Practitioner work with my flat mate to remove … Continue Reading

NLP Coaching

NLP Group focusing

NLP Coaching is a fairly new ‘buzzword’ to describe NLP training of any sort. Technically, coaching and NLP are distant cousins, yet they have been brought together in a kind of family reunion to be able to market NLP to the coaching generation coming through. What’s the difference between coaching and NLP? I can give you my experience. I used to coach when i was younger. There were not many … Continue Reading

Neuro Linguistic Programming Training in Cape Town

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I have had a lot of questions about Neuro linguistic Programming Training in Cape Town, since it has started to get so popular. This is the most common question: What is NLP? NLP is traditionally known as a set of techniques which, when trained, allow another person to be proficient at using these techniques. Some of what other NLP trainers teach isn’t actually NLP at all. Just what was marketed … Continue Reading