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What is NLP? Audio and Video Guide

A Comprehensive Audio and Video Guide to
"What is NLP?"

This post aims to cover the question What is NLP? and has a comprehensive audio guide so you can listed to Terry Elston and his views on NLP.

Terry Elston lets you into his own experiences at the beginning of his career into NLP. From there you can look (and listen) for yourself at what it takes to be an NLP Practitioner, where courses are held – and what experience you may need to be successful.

First up – a short video message which somewhat answers the question “What is NLP?”

On this recording below, Terry takes you on a journey into NLP, the best way he does it – bringing to life a subject that you may be wondering about. It is an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming – what it is and what you can do with it – but it’s far more than that. Terry always loves you to have an understanding of what things are and how you can start to get what you want from life with NLP!

Click here to listen to this recording of about 12 minutes or keep reading below:

What Am I Going to Experience From Hearing, Seeing and Experiencing NLP?

Here is one of Terry’s favourite analogies.

“If you think of how a landscaped garden grows and flourishes, it always starts with the clearing of the weeds.

The whole of life and the universe works in this way. That’s why there are winters and summers.

That’s the first part.

Don’t let anyone try and tell you it’s just about positive thinking. It’s not!

After clearing the path, the next step is about how to re-connect to your core purpose in life, the work you came here to do, your life’s mission.

And then, finally, we can look at planting your seeds (ideas, thoughts, goals visions).

The last part is looking after those small shoots that start to grow (mind management) so your whle garden can flourish into the future.

A seed has all the information inside it already; all the power, all the knowledge. Your life is about unlocking and realising this, as yet unmanifested you”!