NLP techniques are highly valuable and immediately applicable skills in areas such as business, coaching, leadership, marketing and healthcare.

During this course you will be taken on the journey of a lifetime which will show to the ‘How’ of how to discover and manage your abilities to get success and results, using the attributes you already have; mentally, emotionally and physically.

We’ve combined the best of our teachings from years of live trainings into an easy to follow video based program which will leave you with tangible skills and time proven techniques to create change on a deep neurological level – all from the comfort of your own home!

Welcome 1.2 Human Communication Model 1.3 Advanced Awareness Techniques Bonus – How to use The NOW State to clear issues 2.1 Advanced Coaching Techniques 2.2 Working with Values 2.3 Meta Model 3.1 Hierarchy of Ideas, Metaphors & 3.2 Hypnotic Language Patterns 4.1 Anchoring 4.2 Submodalities 4.3 Reframing & 4.4 Parts 5.1 Eye Patterns & 5.2 Strategies 5.3 Six Step Sales Strategy