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NLP Business Training

Bespoke NLP Business Training

In business you want results and nothing else. You want to hear about your profitable sales, marketing that worked, loyal repeat customers, continuously improving designs and teams of people that make all your plans successfully happen for you. You may or may not know about NLP in business training.

As you’ve probably already discovered, the training that you send your staff on have some success… but isn’t it always the top performers who do well on these courses and the others you have just wasted more money on?

Can NLP Help A Business?

As you’ve probably already discovered, the training that you send your staff on have some success… but isn’t it always the top performers who do well on these courses and the others you have just wasted more money on?

There are many reasons for this. But can you be sure of putting investment in the right places to make the difference you want? Things sometimes fail to go to plan, profit margins get squeezed, you don’t know if the marketing is still working or not, your product becomes outdated, and/or your team loses its motivation.

You look at charts and listen to all the ‘experts’ but all the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot put the finger on how to get back to enjoying success. These things can be very painful, to you, your staff and ultimately your business. The question is – do you really know how to stop failure and the pain? How to remove fear from your people and therefore your business, to stop plans and people from failing and dragging your business down?

It’s time to get some returns on your investments: To be able to know that the training is working and even the lower performers are getting something new – and results!!

We train anywhere in the world from Hollywood in the US to Mumbai India, from Stockholm in Sweden to Cape Town South Africa.

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Here are a list of corporate customers and what they have chosen to have our trainers deliver:

Private Sector NLP Training Clients

Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson
NLP techniques for quality selling skills


British Airways
Career Development
Change Management


J.P Morgan Chase
Influencing and Negotiation Skills


Train the Trainer programme

Management Team Leadership,
Coaching and Sales Skills,
Cape Town/Jo’Burg

Forte Group
Executive performance coaching

Culture Change


Ernst & Young

Coaching Skills

What We Discovered

NLP Business Relationships

We found that most managers and employees of businesses, the people that implement your plans, don’t believe they are successful! They are often questioning themselves to see if they are doing their job right, resulting in them working extremely hard, leaving work stressed and feeling undervalued.

Research and experience tell us that very few people have the training skills coupled with knowledge of what the future impact of training has on a team or individual; the knowledge, language or communication skills to turn these situations around.

Business Training

They have no idea how to clear out their own issues to get a work-life balance and just as importantly create a win/win outcome for their business. In other words, they had no plan for dealing with these ‘human’ problems.

Perhaps You Can Relate To This Too

Maybe you can relate to some of the points here; certainly, it’s a major problem for many companies.

As a business that focuses only on you getting your overall results, we provide the latest techniques that give your managers and teams with the language and communication skills that turn failure into successes – without the pain.

That’s not all; we also found that people like you wanted to be sure that you get what you asked for and for that to be guaranteed!

More Private Sector NLP Training Clients


The Business Results
& Management Development Program


Merrill Lynch
Team Leadership Development


Presentation skills and team building


Business Process Change Events, Facilitation Skills Training
and Coaching


UK Power Networks
Management Training,
Sales & Team Building


The Power of Successful Selling


Career Change Consultancy


Standard Life
Winning at Presentations

Learning That Your People Take An Active Role

For any type of learning to really work you need something that people don’t just listen to but where they physically take part.

You want solutions that are fast and immediately effective, where the learning and improvement in people and skills carries on, way after the program has finished; where your people have the ability in the future to know what’s missing and how to deal with it when they come across an unforeseen problem.

From our experience, we realise that an in-house training can be excellent, yet there needs to be personal attention for people and back up after the course finishes. Sometimes, when your employee goes back into the field, there are questions or subtle nuances to how they apply the training that need to be addressed.

That’s why we give a training with all the pre-study that’s needed, including CD, DVD or MP3 files and then back-up facilities for every member of staff who was present on the training.

More Private Sector NLP Training Clients


Granada TV
Culture Change


Lend Lease
Presentation Skills,
Motivational Coaching Skills & Management Development Skills


First Plus
Recruitment & Selection
Interview Skills


Planning Expectorant
Team Building &
Leadership Success


The Mall at Cribbs
Customer Care


Management Change Skills


Scottish Power
Career Change Consultancy


Bank Of Ireland
Business Process Change Events,
Facilitation Skills training and coaching

Getting The Material Right Is Essential To Start With

Having run courses and coaching programs over the past nine years for thousands of people, from Managing Directors to shop floor workers; from small to medium size enterprises (SME’s) to blue-chip organizations, in Schools and running public courses, it comes easily to us to work with you to get exactly what you want. When we spend some time with you, getting clear on your objectives, the Trainers at NLP World will be helping to work with you to assist you in fulfilling your goals and desires.

Soon, you can be part of a gripping, exciting and successful training. Your Kudos rises as people in your team and yourself start to get the benefits of an NLP based training; trainings that now have a reputation throughout the world.

It’s not just the excellent feedback that we get at the end of any event, because you would expect people to be on a ‘high’, it’s the fact that they carry on learning, turning areas where they previously failed, into ongoing successes.

As one learner from JP Morgan Chase remarked:

"Truly the most valuable training I have ever attended... and I've done a lot of training!"
JP Morgan Chase

By choosing to learn with NLP World, you can take for granted that only the best, most useful and interesting material is incorporated into any program we deliver. You can have peace of mind that NLP World programs are tried, tested and proven to get results, and we guarantee that by working with you from the very beginning to the point where you’re completely satisfied!

More Private Sector NLP Training Clients


Management & Leadership
Skills Trainings


Career Consulting


Kerry Foods Group
Management & Leadership
Skills Trainings


Management & Leadership
Development Skills Trainings,
Brand Identity Events


Koru Build
Executive Performance Coaching


Charles Tyrwhitt
Executive performance coaching


Influencing & Impact
Skills Training


GDS International
NLP in management, sales training and coaching staff

It Needs To Be Different And Fun Too

NLP Fun - Dog with laptop

As well as having a clear outcome, you also want any program to be fun – one in which people are happy to take part and where the new ways and information are easily absorbed.

With this in mind, we have designed programs that use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). You should by now have heard how effective the techniques of NLP are, and when coupled with our unique style of listening to you, getting inside your world and designing your training with you, you get the precision of an architect and the beauty of a landscape gardener.

If you were wondering how we can offer a guarantee on such seemingly difficult work, perhaps some of the many companies we have worked with can answer your questions further down the page. We can answer by letting you know that we are so confident of our own results that giving a guarantee is as easy as guaranteeing that Manchester United or Chelsea football clubs will finish in the top 5 every season. We simply have seen the results time after time and do our own training and development to make sure we are at the top of our game.NLP Business Training Success

People are your key and they have to be treated for the condition of being human; this has been seen to cause more excellent results than the most slick, professional looking trainings around. When interviewed, most people would use an NLP trainer to release fears, emotional blocks, stop smoking, clear out phobias and dissolve limiting beliefs, rather than to get tips and hints that they forget once outside the training room. This one-to-one part of our package has been tested to be 100% more effective in getting results for your company than training tools they have to learn or present.

Using what we have taken years to perfect, failure is turned around and becomes a thing of the past. After treating the human condition, learning becomes quick, enjoyable and so easy that success is the norm – plus it’s pain free!

Every time you work with us we design programs specifically for you and your people’s needs. When running a course, we can record it so that your team can review it later; or you can utilise our unique ‘Fast Track Method’ where people joining your team listen to the CDs we have recorded previously then attend an accelerated course, therefore reducing extra time out of the office. The time we save you translates directly into money because everybody gets trained in the same excellent skills, which means you get top performing staff in less then half the time!

Please don’t just take our word for it:

Public Sector NLP Training Clients:


The Cabinet Office (Labour party)
Communication Skills Training
& One to One Coaching


Business Process Change Events,
New Team Development Events,
Facilitation Skills Trainings,
Communicating Through Change Workshops


Ministry of Defence
Training Staff in NLP skills


The Home Office
Training Staff in NLP techniques


Department for Education
Communication Skills
for Teachers and Pupils


Central Office of Information
Personal Impact Trainings


Serious Fraud Office
Business process change events


South Wales Police
NLP Practitioner Training,
Interview Skills Training


Strategic Rail Authority
Executive performance coaching

"After the training we implemented the techniques and immediately became one step ahead of our rivals. Our marketing also became more effective, not least, because of our improved communication skills and our prospective clients began to see us as a company that went the 'extra mile' to give service and results."
J Rooke
Senior Consultant,
Leading Recruitment Company,

The NLP World Business Training Program Guarantee

Let me make you a promise and take away any risk to you:

“My promise is, that after putting your commitment on any program with us, from coaching to bespoke training or dedicated NLP qualification programs, if you are not completely happy with the results, we agree to come and work with your people until we fulfill on the goals we agreed on, free of charge.”

PS. We run our courses for you either in-house or at venues nationwide.

PPS. Remember, you can have complete peace of mind knowing our training is guaranteed to give you the results you want or we will retrain for FREE.

Call now on 082 648 5389 (November – January and end April – June)

Otherwise: 0044 1273 220897 / 0044 7974 565 585
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