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We offer highest quality

with a fast track approach to training and a comprehensive home study media package, all topped off with our own intimate style that remembers the individual.

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Recent Articles

  • Keep the Change
    However, when we begin to delve into the origins of these stories, we will inevitably stumble upon some early (often childhood) memories. […]
  • nlp retreatNLP Practitioner Retreat
    This is the first time we are holding an NLP Practitioner Training in South Africa as a retreat. It’s a fully accredited NLP Training, including Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis. This special training is fully inclusive of accomodation and food. In fact once you arrive, you need nothing else for the rest […]
  • Andros Training roomYour Life Sentence
    I recall my first time hearing the term life sentence I was attending an NLP Practitioner training with NLP World and Terry Elston. I was immediately struck by the gravity of this phrase as it conjured up visions of maximum security prisons and trash TV depicting the harsh gang driven penitentiaries. […]
  • Wesley kewMove Fall Crawl
    Move, fall or crawl just keep on going. Over the years I have been confronted with the fact that I’m not perfect. I know this may sound rather obvious, but to me it was something that I believe I needed to strive for. I needed to strive for perfection so I would be accepted by those around me and should I […]
  • you can't always get what you wantYou can’t always get what you want
    You can’t always get what you want The rolling stones remind me that I “can’t always get what I want”. How frustrating I often find myself thinking. What do you mean ‘I can’t always get what I want’. If I want it then surely I must be entitled to it and obviously, I know what I want, so I deserve it, right? […]
  • focusFocus on what you want
    Focus on what you want Every time I hear the statement It feels like I take three steps forwards and five steps backwards ….and as I hear it, it ignites a fire in my belly like few other statements do. You may be asking why this occurs, great question? Simply because it reminds me that my feelings are not […]