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Your Cape Town NLP Practitioner Four Day Training Course – We Believe the Best Four Day NLP Training in the World!

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Join us in Claremont, Cape Town for your Four Day NLP Practitioner Training Course. It will take you on the journey of a lifetime and you’ll come back trained in the latest techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) too,  with NLP certification accredited by worldwide professional bodies!

The Four Day NLP Practitioner Training is your foundation NLP course. We also run a seven day NLP Practitioner Training programme, which includes Hypnosis and Time Based Techniques Certification as well. You can also update your skills and gain further accreditation in Hypnosis and Time Based Techniques at a later date with us, once you have completed your Four Day NLP Practitioner Training.


I have been coaching for many years and I thought that I had my “style” down to a fine art, until, I completed the coaching course & NLP Practitioner Course with NLP World. The techniques that I learnt to apply vastly exceed anything that I have read or experienced, my client-reach is endless and I now offer far more value.
Craig FourieDuality Coaching founderSouth Africa

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On your fully accredited Four Day NLP Practitioner Training Course, we guarantee; first class,  individually focused training sessions, flexible high quality study materials and frequent opportunities to embed your  knowledge and skills through direct experience. Our small training groups and high staff ratios during  your sessions are just one of the many ways we ensure the excellence of your training.

Even though the course is only four days, because of the nature of NLP and the way I run the trainings, they are very real sessions which most likely will draw some old subconscious patterns to the surface. So we ask you prepare yourself for an intimate and self-reflective journey. And we are here to take care of you – I just know that the more courses I run, the better they seem to get – and the more real!

Have a look at our Booking Page for current schedules and dates, or contact us for more information. We are always happy to discuss both our training and your options with you.

What Can I Expect from the Four Day NLP Practitioner Training Course?

Four Day NLP Practitioner Training Course Outline

Our Four Day NLP Practitioner Training Course Study Materials

What's Included In The Four Day NLP Practitioner Course Fees?

Four Day & Seven Day NLP Practitioner Course: What's The Difference?

Four Day NLP Practitioner Training: Certification & Accreditation

Our Four Day NLP Practitioner Training Courses Guarantee!

Our NLP World Four Day NLP Practitioner Training, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!Although what we’re doing is very different from other NLP Training companies, one thing is constant; ours is a very human training.

This approach is not found or taught in books or on large, processed courses. Our experienced team coupled with our limited size groups gives you a unique opportunity for exceptional training and personal development.

Terms and conditions: If you cannot make this course, you can come to another four day training in the future:
If you decide you can’t make the course at all into the future, then the deposit of R7000 (or £400) is non-refundable.
There may be a small admin charge for attending a future course if we have paid the hotel costs already for your attendance. Purely cost price.

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