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Cape Town NLP Practitioner 2015

Cape Town NLP Practitioner 2015

On Monday 20th November, 13 heroes started a journey of discovery. A journey into truth, trust, courage and learning. A week later we are all harvesting the rewards of such a trip.

The NLP Practitioner Course is, of course, an NLP training that delivers skill sets as promised in the curriculum. Yet it is so much more than just that. Because we are using techniques that test sensory awareness, tools to travel into the subconscious mind and requires skills of mental surgery, it is intense and sometimes daunting.

As an analogy, if you want the fruits of the trees, you have to be willing to dig the gardens. Firstly to clear the path. Next to make the soil good and worthy – and only then is the space ready for fertile seeds to propagate the land.

The Laws of Attraction are here, ready for anyone. But not anyone is willing to take the trip into the murkiest waters and naked truths, to make light from that dark.

people in cape town nlp room
When the sun is not shining we don’t mind getting close!
As a trainer, my job is to make light of the work. To find humour and uplift heavy souls to assist with the task of unburdening a weary traveller. To set the environment, with beautiful gardens to work in, a five star hotel, with a five star chef – plus a room prepared to the palette of the mind.

nlp cape town on the lawn
When the sun shines we get out!
The rewards are great from eating of this menu and the path a worthy one. We laughed from the belly of a Buddha and shared wonderful moments of enlightenment and joy. The wonderful surroundings mixed with the wonder of finding out about our own minds makes the most sceptic turn around.

Yes, we can release a phobia in under 20 minutes. A deep trauma in less time than to eat lunch. Collapse a deep fear using your strongest internal assets as powerful weapons. But not everyone is ready for these stealthy resolutions. NLP is not for the faint hearted if trained correctly.

The beauty of this NLP Practitioner group in November 2015, is/was the grace and style that they challenged the unknown and kept a good state for the duration. And that is what makes an excellent practitioner. To stay in the “Now” under pressure, to find resources when none are evident. To be curious, even though it looks like a steel wall is all you have for information about a client.

The breakthroughs that we achieved are more powerful than some religious events. Some people lost their dyslexia, others completed traumas that had plagued them for many years. Some lost and greatly diminished pain in their bodies. Others how to change dislikes to likes by entering the internal control panel and switching the wiring around. One released a phobia in five minutes.

And that is mostly because of the unbending intent that was present in the room. Even the less strong were pulled along by the fast flowing rivers of motivation to get the most out of the week. Some had pulled together the money from jars and tins in their house to make sure they would be here and others to beg steal and borrow.

Not everyone here had to think about the money or had to struggle to be here. Yet people have woken up to the fact that the laws of attraction work from the inside out. You have to do the gardening to get the plants growing. And that does equal the commitment.

And when you have made the soil ready, all of the information for growth is held inside the seed. It just needs the right environment to grow.

dr eva mihal getting nlp certification

maggie pillay getting NLP certification

a quote from c.s. lewis on an nlp course

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