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Unleash Your NLP skills with Mind Your Hero

Unleash your NLP

When asked to write a blog post on what I am currently doing in my business, I started by asking myself some pertinent questions. The first was “who am I?” The resounding answer to that was “Kylie you know who you are, you are a soul having a human experience.” And yes while this is true, I needed to dig even deeper. I have fallen into the flow of co-creating … Continue Reading

NLP Training in Gauteng

nlp retreat includes accomodation

This coming year, February 2021, our NLP Training in Gauteng will be held at the classy venue, Little Tuscany, Bryanston. Of course, the quality of training, the welcome that you get, plus your accreditation are all high on the list when you book an NLP course – yet the environment does play a big part as well. That’s why we have placed you in the gorgeous setting of Little Tuscany, … Continue Reading

NLP Practitioner Retreat

nlp retreat

This is the first time we are holding an NLP Practitioner Training in South Africa as a retreat. It’s a fully accredited NLP Training, including Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis. This special training is fully inclusive of accomodation and food. In fact once you arrive, you need nothing else for the rest of your training days. You will arrive on the afternoon/evening of Friday 19th June, get yourself settled then … Continue Reading

What’s it like after your NLP Practitioner Course?

Dan Clark NLP

Since my NLP Practitioner/Masters training my life has been great.. (Written by Dan Clark) I stepped out of the airship and plunged headfirst into the void of nihilistic, existential crisis, where all I had to cling to was the crumbling debris of my former reality. I let go of my job, my partner, my home, and my old me. (Though I was seriously trapped and had some crap in the … Continue Reading

NLP Master Practitioner course | NLP World

The NLP Master Practitioner training | NLP World – Analysis by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist Don’t become an NLP Master Practitioner. Don’t even think of working with Terry Elston of NLP World because you would not what to live an abundant life and you would most definitely not want to engage with your unimaginable abilities within. I will explain this logic later in the article. I recently completed my NLP … Continue Reading

Keep The Focus

wesley kew retreat

Keep The Focus Keep the focus – A question that I have asked myself many times during the course of my life is who decided that things are “Easier said than done?” What is the payoff for perpetuating this life sentence? In my opinion it is a convenient excuse for NOT doing important things. Recently I was part of a team that ran a holistic wellness retreat, offering delegates the … Continue Reading

There is no failure only feedback

there is no failure only feedback

There is no failure only feedback – Ignorant but willing, now what? Written by Wesley Kew – Clinical Psychologist Very early on in my career as a therapist, I was told that I don’t really know what I’m doing but I have a good feel for it. To many this many sound like an outright insult, judgment or whatever negative connotation springs forth in your mind. However, from a young … Continue Reading

Jason Newmark, A Sharks Tale, from Shark Tank

jason newmark in shark tank

Entrepreneurship in South Africa By Jason Newmark, Entrepreneur and NLP Practitioner South Africa recently played host to the award winning reality TV show Shark Tank, which was aired on prime time on Mnet at 6pm every Sunday for the past 12 weeks. In Shark Tank South Africa, entrepreneurs go up in front of a panel of esteemed successful South African business moguls, known as the “sharks”, who are willing to … Continue Reading

Falling into learning


Falling into learning Fall as many times as needed to learn your lesson by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all says Lord Tennyson. To me this has long been a very interesting statement; it gives the impression that one harbour’s a bitter taste in the mouth, following the separation of would be eternal lovers. Would one not be … Continue Reading

Being honest is not being mean

relationship coaching

Being honest is not being mean – by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist No one prepared you for just how tough it is to make a success of your own life. As you enter into the so called “r`eal world” as my mom so loves to call it, you quickly learn that the world is not a bad, ugly or cruel place – it is just extremely competitive. Think about it, … Continue Reading

Relationship Coaching

relationship coaching

Relationship Coaching Twenty first century relationships are undergoing a huge shift in todays climate. Committed, monogomous relationships were a lot simpler one or two generations ago, because the focus was very clear. Get together, find a house, have some kids, retire. These days, our sights are much more elevated from the simple goals of our forefathers (mothers). A big leap in choice driven paradigms of relating has come from women’s … Continue Reading

Writers Block Case Study

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Writers Block Case Study I had an enquiry to work with a writer with a block recently. I got an idea of what she wanted over the phone, how we’d work and the result she’d get. Then the money. I actually worked for £80 for an hour (my normal charges are £300 per hour). But that was her budget and I wanted to work with her. I actually did a … Continue Reading

Fields of Thought

fields of thought

Fields of Thought By Tsvetelina Paykov Our minds are libraries filled with every thought we have ever had. Neatly filed away and ready to be used as we need it. The entrance ‘windows’ to our library are our eyes. As we go to fetch a file our eyes move in the direction of the a particular filing cabinet (one of at least six). I often come across people’s eyes searching … Continue Reading

Testimonials for our NLP Training Courses

ten people in claremont on an nlp course

Here are some testimonials for our NLP Training Courses We can talk about our own courses, yet I think it is much more believable coming from other people’s mouths or writing. The testimonials you will see, hear below have been taken from a number of NLP trainings between 2012 to 2016. Here are a few: “The course took place in a ​gorgeous, tranquil setting and the​ food supplied was delicious! … Continue Reading

The Rational Case for Social Consciousness

The Map is not the territory

The Rational Case for Social Consciousness By Cobus Rossouw I wrote this article from the space of my eyes being opened to new realities after doing my NLP training, and ways of thinking that were coming to me anyhow, yet have been accelerated and now supersize! In The Matrix, Neo complains that his eyes hurt and can’t see properly. Morphious replies “because you haven’t used them before”. In NLP we … Continue Reading