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The NLP Master Practitioner training | NLP World – Analysis by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist

Don’t become an NLP Master Practitioner. Don’t even think of working with Terry Elston of NLP World because you would not what to live an abundant life and you would most definitely not want to engage with your unimaginable abilities within. I will explain this logic later in the article.

I recently completed my NLP Master Practitioner course in sunny Brighton. I wanted to do it in the UK (even though I know there is one coming up in November 2017 in SA), because I couldn’t wait!

After taking the course, I’m still trying to adequately explain the process. So far all that I can tell you is that I went to infinity and beyond, got lost in the middle of nowhere and had some quantum soup.

NLP Master PractitionerWhat I do recall thinking frequently was that “I don’t want this course to end” as the group grew ever closer and more intimate. It felt like we amalgamated into one organism, we developed a heartbeat and then found our voice. This voice then became a song and hells bells did we let it ring out and yes we found some harmonies also.

Sitting here now, I smile warmly as I reminisce. But like all good things it came to an end. Our collective connected energy-bubble would be put to the test like only distance can. I guess it is here that my account of the course begins, because this experience regardless of who shared it is a creation of my own mind.

Truth be told and yes it’s a little cliché but it really can only be likened to a re-birth. I feel that I have been re-learning so much since I have reintegrated into my previous world and way of life. It feels as if I now am ready to face my thoughts. All or at least most of me and more pertinently how my decisions have (and still do) created and informed my map of the world.

prawn allergyI was struck by how powerful this experiential/transformation process was and still is. For example, as a teenager, I developed an allergy to shellfish. Along the way, I have heard some ‘pretty-out-there’ reasons as to how and why this occurred. So, I was all too happy to volunteer myself during the allergy section of the training. Long story short I am now able to consume and stomach shellfish. In fact, I just had a delicious prawn and coriander tom yum soup.

Moreover, I truly am amazed at the power that exists within the gambit of working as a Master Practitioner. Initially, this insight debilitated me as I began to create expectations of myself and the newfound skills, tools and techniques I acquired. Thinking that I should be a better practitioner and that people now expect all theses miracles from me. Worse I began to think I must now be able to perform these miracles because why? Because I’m a Master Practitioner of course.

Yes, I can hear you thinking apply some simple Meta/Milton-model questions and statements so I did and it has truly facilitated me to see the forest amongst the trees. But, truth be told, this insight took longer than I wanted it to. However, now after my training, I’m willing to accept that it took me as long as it needed. And I’m now proud to say, “I’m able to forgive myself” and I’m still working on forgiving others, (but that is another article in the making).

One of the most enduring and repeated things I learned from this course was the application of the ever-present NOW STATE. All I will ever need is within it. All my clients will ever need is there as well. Yet at times, I forget that and then find myself searching my conscious mind for answers and insights. When I remember, then add the power of rapport, myself and my client are journeying towards a life of abundance.

My past was that I’d get lost between my own negative limiting beliefs about not being good enough – then, encountering the unknown world of the quantum soup I panicked. When I enter into my Now State and stand inside my own potentiality, there is only resources. This reminded me of Abraham Maslow’s work regarding man cowering away when confronted by his inner greatness, rather than standing tall in knowing.

Abraham Maslow states:

‘Most men fear their highest possibilities, as they are afraid to become what they glimpse in their most perfect moments. We enjoy and even thrill to the godlike possibilities we see in ourselves in such peak moments. And yet we simultaneously shiver with weakness, awe, and fear before these very moments’.

nlp master practitioner clientThe Master’s course reminded me that as a therapist and NLP practitioner I am my tool, I am the vehicle that will be taking my clients along the journey of change. And the fuel of choice is a combination of my desire to bring about change and channelling my NOW STATE. The course reminded me that I must actively trust my inner voice, just be me, always be curious and embrace the unknown. As one of my favourite quotes reminds me, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond all measure.

Thanks to NLP World and Terry, I’m ready to step closer to the greatness in me and remind myself that moving towards mediocrity serves nobody. No longer do I move away from what I don’t want, instead, I now move actively towards what I do want. I create my own world, I’m in control of my mind and I have set sail for Abundance Island. I said at the beginning, “don’t think of doing…” (the course), because I have learnt that the unconscious mind is programmed to go towards what the focus point is. Whether we say “not” – or not.

So as I have said before don’t attend NLP World’s Master practitioner course because you would not what to live an abundant life and you would most definitely not want to engage with your godlike powers!

Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist

[email protected]

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