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Wesley Kew lives his passion by facilitating growth and greatness in every client he comes into contact with. His willingness to go the extra mile with steadfast belief in the greatness that lives in each person, is contagious.

Wesley is a Registered Clinical Psychologist, NLP Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Wesley draws from his experience as a professional sportsman. This experience cannot be bought in a mental sports coach. Having been there and done that, people tend to listen more closely.

His love of travel has got him over to Europe running motivational workshops out of Switzerland and the UK.


Wesley formed part of the first South African water polo team that won gold at an international competition. Added to that Wesley designed and implemented the Pearson High School’s water polo program that has seen them become the no 1 ranked team in South Africa for the last two years.

During Wesley’s time at both the Warriors and Chippa United he was responsible for player management, development and mental conditioning. Encouraging players to trust the value of mental conditioning facilitated many to go on and represent South Africa and grow as human beings.


In moments of stress and pressure we do not rise to the occasion, we default to our highest level of preparation.

In today’s fast paced, technology fuelled world we are ever increasingly needing to respond immediately and efficiently. That why is it vital to understand that if we are not adequately prepared for the demands of today’s high paced life we will become stressed, fatigued and eventually burn out.

I have a passion for highlighting the greatness that already lives in each individual, whether player or staff. It is not the darkness inside that scares us, it is the fact that we have a powerful light that can shine brightly. All too often we cower when we dare to think about our greatness and instead tell ourselves “who am I to think that I can be great”.

I’m here to remind you that if you believe, have the courage to speak out what you believe and then act upon it; you will find the greatness inside. This may not be easy and yes it will be challenging; however, I can assure you it will be the most rewarding of journey.

Everything begins to change when we start to emit your own frequency instead of consistently absorbing those around us. All we need is authentic curiosity and the willingness to begin to design the environment of success we desire.

As we begin to take greater responsibility for our own actions and thoughts we begin to foster greater loyalty, health and wellbeing, in our professional and private lives.

BA Psychology: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa (2008) | BA Hons Psychology: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa (2009) | MA Clinical Psychology: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa (2013) | Master NLP Practitioner (UK) | Clinical Hypnotherapist (UK)

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