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What’s it like after your NLP Practitioner Course?

Since my NLP Practitioner/Masters training my life has been great.. (Written by Dan Clark)

I stepped out of the airship and plunged headfirst into the void of nihilistic, existential crisis, where all I had to cling to was the crumbling debris of my former reality. I let go of my job, my partner, my home, and my old me. (Though I was seriously trapped and had some crap in the closet when I started.)

Everything I thought mattered didn’t really matter, and nothing really matters at all because nothing is matter. But it was a case of mind over matter which I really didn’t mind as for the first time I was in charge of my mind, (though time is but am illusion which we can dance upon as we wish so technically I always was..) that mind had been de weeded from the Maya of my own bull, and the bull left there by others.

However the good thing about bullshit is it makes very good fertilizer.

super nlp beingSo accompanied with some very good seeds and regular watering. I am watching the new landscape grow nicely. I have also turned the things that were once what made me a strange, fearful, and vunerable little snowflake into super human abilities that transmute, heal, and expand the universes of those I meet.

I live in a magical world, and am perpetually amused by the cosmic giggle and exploration of following synchronicity and exercising my manifestation by bringing resources and concepts from the dreaming worlds into the waking dream.

No closing chapter in my success story yet, I’m still skint, and still working on my stuff as we always will be. However the term enlightenment is a nominalisation, as it implies it is a thing that can be attained, it is a process of digging, shedding, making the darkness conscious, letting go connecting us more and more to the oneness of source and each other.

Many re-occurring patterns busted. I am no longer a victim and take 100% responsibility for everything in my inner and outer worlds, my relationships with others are drastically improved.

Here’s what Justine said after taking her Practitioner course one year ago:


picture of self control thermostatI used to be an angry introvert who disconnected from people and I now struggle to not feel love for everyone I meet. Even if they are not my type I still acknowledge my part and connection in that and feel compassion.
This tends to act like a magnet for just the sort of fascinating people I wished to meet, serve, and learn from.

I have been somewhat of a charity by living of service and finding my flow with transformational work.
Perhaps still working on my own money conflicts and abundance. So Still finalising the foundations of my practice as a for profit business. But it is coming along nicely.

I have though had some heartwarming feedback regarding the difference my presence has made to people’s lives, which is a constant reminder I am aligned on the right path and purpose.

So nope can’t conclude my rags to riches story just yet but its coming and will soon have a youtube video saying

I had seven dollars in my bank acount and now…

Just like Tony Robbins.

This whole cathartic process was not what I thought I was signing up for however learning NLP has been a catalyst for concious expansion that may have taken me a lifetime to achieve and is the best blessing I could have asked for.

Footnote: Since writing this article Dan has changed his mind about Anthony Robbins and has gone off grid! Here’s his new chosen existence. Remember it’s not about getting what you think everybody else has, it’s about getting what YOU want! Here’s a picture of his converted (ing) van.

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Dan Clark NLP Master Practitioner [email protected]

The NLP Master Practitioner Program is here:

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