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This is the 5th time we are holding an NLP Practitioner Training in South Africa as a retreat. It’s a fully accredited NLP Training, including Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis. This special training is fully inclusive of accomodation and food. In fact once you arrive, you need nothing else for the rest of your training days. You will arrive on the afternoon/evening of Friday 10th November, get yourself settled then a quick NLP session before starting fresh again the next day. You can leave either Friday 16th November or Saturday 17th November.

It’s a retreat venue, so we eat, drink and train together. There are other activities you can join in with, including chi gong sessions (when the instructor is available), trail hiking and fishing. There is also a small wildlife reserve on site. I chose this venue personally to have a place where you can enjoy the surroundings, food and accomodation as much as the training. mind, body and spirit. A fantastic venue, where everything is contained within itself. And it’s dedicated to our group!


nlp course with accomodation

The venue is at the Witzenberg guest farm, Boontjiesrivier, near Ceres and Wolseley. We will be offering transport (for a fee) from Cape Town airport to the venue. Or bring your own car. There are differing apartments you can chose from. From smaller (but spacious) one person units, to two-bedroom houses. It’s a first come, first served, set up. The property can hold 17 separate people or a few more if you are a couple, friends staying together or just want to keep any extra prices down and have a beautiful house with views.


nlp training with accomodation

We have a dedicated chef on board who will specialise in excellent healthy food. Meat eaters will be catered for yet the context will be health of mind and body. There are some trail hikes and fishing for those want those experiences.

Book now if you know this is the training for you. We are almost one third full as I write this blog, without even advertising!

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(accomodation and food included)

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9th-15th November 2024

(Witzenberg Guest farm near Cape Town)

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