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This coming year, February 2021, our NLP Training in Gauteng will be held at an amazing venue in the Hyde Park Area of Gauteng/Johannesburg. Of course, the quality of training, the welcome that you get, plus your accreditation are all high on the list when you book an NLP course – yet the environment does play a big part as well.

That’s why we have placed you in the gorgeous setting of Melville Road, Gauteng – to make sure you feel like your body has been taken care of – as well as your mind!

Your NLP training is the best quality and internationally accredited you can find. This coming February you can get your NLP status and start practising right away.

What’s different about an NLP Course with NLP World?

Terry Elston’s experience has been seen and heard throughout the world, in terms of self-development plus the corporate marketplace. Most of our delegates speak post-training about the changes they have gained from the days they have been with us.

“The course took place in a ​gorgeous, tranquil setting and the​ food supplied was delicious! The​ content and presentation of the philosophy, foundation, principles and techniques of NLP were ​expertly delivered in a fascinating way. Personally I benefitted immensely, replacing many limiting beliefs, perspectives and debilitating emotions. Terry’s generous compassion, perception, commitment to truth, humour and expert language skills make him a first-class trainer. A​s a coach​, writer ​and mother​ this​ experience​ is, undoubtedly, enhancing my effectiveness”.
Val Shayne CEO of The Lighthouse Project.

Not only the personal development, but working with Terry you have the experience of his 18 years in the business – 21 blue chip corporations having used his trainers, plus Schools, police forces and many other factions. This is then passed onto you within the course, alongside the tools, tips and tricks within the techniques of NLP.

Here is a comment from another happy delegate:

“NLP has just given me so much confidence and disposed of many of my limiting beliefs, I feel like I am burning up with energizing life force. Thank you for your passion in sharing this knowledge. I feel privileged to have shared this part of my personal development with you and the amazing team that was present”. Candice-Lee Sittig, Director in Education Management

The course cost is only R15,900, (starting price but does rise the more people book on), which may seem expensive to some people, but bear in mind you can take your skills once qualified almost anywhere in the world and start practising. A career in a suitcase, no less. In the UK, where NLP World also trains, this course is almost exactly double the price! We has one delegate flying over from the UK for our last course in May, to take advantage of this crazy price (plus wanting to see the beauty of SA of course).

Your NLP training course is accredited with ANLP (the association of NLP) plus AIP (the association of integrative Psychologists), making your certification accredited worldwide, as the UK and USA are the hub of all NLP. Within SA itself your course is recognised by HPCSA and Comensa.

Let’s hear some last words by the people that matter the most:

“I am aware of endless possibilities……I know there has been lasting change….like my neurology has been rewired….I can feel it and see it!! I feel calmer, like there is more space, I am more present and aware on a very consistent basis, I am actually having more fun when I engage in the relationships that I was previously struggling with, I really am more resourceful and come up solutions for challenging situations with much less emotion and more confidence. The best part is I just keep discovering new stuff!”
Cathy Carstens, physiotherapy and personal sports coach.

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You will probably only ever do one NLP training in Gauteng, so make it the best!

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