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Excellence Guaranteed

4.6 / 5.0 (Original Source: TrustPilot UK)

Amazing Training and Trainers
This training was the most wonderful training I have been on. I was left feeling lighter, and brighter afterwards. When I returned to work I felt like I had been on a holiday. Apart from getting trained in NLP, you go through the emotions of therapy yourself and this allows one to let go of baggage that has held one back. It clears out and make space in your storage drive for all the new and more exciting events to come and enables you to discard the events that have just occupied space without much of a purpose.

It was great fun meeting Terry and Wesley, they made the training environment safe and made you feel at ease. They helped carry you through this journey. Also loved the food provided by our own, private chef Christine. She scarified time as a new mom to feed our soles. Her little bundle of joy was extremely well-behaved and did not disturb us but very subtly made his presence known, such an adorable cutie.
Kameshni Pillay


(4 Mar 2022)

Recently completed the NLP Practictioner Course and LOVED it…
I’ve recently completed the NLP Practicioner Course which I absolutely loved.

I did the course as I’d like NLP to be at the core of my ‘coaching’ offering. On signing up we were advised that this course is as beneficial for one’s own personal development as it is for development on the work / practictioner development front, but still, my expectations were surpassed.

Not only did I learn so much about the theory and techniques of NLP but to experience the power of it oneself is amazing.

I have been working on ‘my stuff’ for years and whilst I have been making progress, chipping away at it, I have not previously felt the literal shifts and light bulb moments that I experienced on this course. I completed the course feeling lighter, more content and at ease than ever before, and just so eager to share this with others.

Terry and Wesley are fantastic trainers and the practical in-person experience you get from this course is invaluable… not to mention the deliciously healthy food we were treated to every day and the opportunity to meet and connect with other really lovely delegates.

I therefore really recommend this course, and with your commitment, you will benefit more than you can imagine.
Jackie Dhaeyere


(3 Mar 2022)

Thank you Jackie. A huge pleasure to give to someone who likes to be given to 🙂
Terry and Wesley
Terry and Wesley, really helped me through the entire week. I appreciate them being patient and answering all of the questions we had.


(2 Mar 2022)
This course was quite insightful
This course was quite insightful, much needed skills real eye opener 🙂


(1 Mar 2022)
Thanks Luce, it is/was a pleasure to serve your transformation in the style of NLP
Experienced facilitators, well planned and presented training within an excellent environment to develop and obtain new skills! Happy customer 🙂
C. Brown


(30 Nov 2021)
Life Changing Experience!
This NLP 7 day course was absolutely phenomenal. I learnt skills which I can implement into my business as well as my personal life.

Terry and Wesley have supreme knowledge and such a personal approach to each technique and section of the course. I had done extensive research before signing up to this specific training and I can honestly say that you won’t find a more professional, impactful and incredible offering.

Thank you to NLP world for empowering me with a new excitement for each day, to appreciate my surroundings and for helping me look within to find purpose and meaning again!
Caryn Stretton


(23 Nov 2021)
Thank you Caryn! Those who did the ‘gardening’ get the flowers. And you certainly took on some gardening 🙂
Honestly, I’m convinced in the techniques and ‘quick’ resolution – the absence of empirical and peer reviewed data supports my takeaways from the course.

I also didn’t get as much value in or from the course as the issues that came up weren’t new to me, I have done a lot of self work and numerous types of therapy on my journey which could have impacted what I took out of the training.

That being said, Terry and Wes were great facilitators – more so Terry who truly embodied, lived and practiced what he taught us. The group was amazing and made wonderful human connections.


(24 Nov 2021)
Thanks for your feedback Lara.
Definitely recommend to others and will continue own training with NLP World
I’m really happy that I chose NLP World as my choice for training. Terry is caring, sincere, highly experienced and knowledgeable instructor. I felt that the highest standard was their constant priority from training venue to food to truly caring about all the trainees there.

I will definitely continue my NLP journey with Terry and Wesley for future trainings.


(22 Nov 2021)
Thank you Carmen. Such a joy having you with us.
NLP is the key to transform your life and others
It is clearly an life changing experience for me.
Patty Chiang


(21 Nov 2021)

Thank you Patty!
Thank you Terry
Had an amazing life changing exploratory adventure within my own soul and the new family of friends I met on this course.

Terry is a Master…

Truly mind blowing.
Dave from Johannesburg SA


(21 Nov 2021)

Thank you Dave. Thanks for diving in and finding your gold.
Absolutely life changing
Absolutely life changing, need I say more?
Ehrhard Visser


(20 Nov 2021)
No more needs to be said, thanks Ehrhard!
Ding-Dong best course ever!!
The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won’t make me confused.

Terry and Wesley were FANATIC instructors.

Thank you so much for this great course!


(20 Nov 2021)
Thank you Renée, absolute pleasure.
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