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Seven Day NLP Practitioner Training | Cape Town

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We Deliver the Best Seven Day Accredited NLP  Practitioner Training in the World!

Join us in Claremont, Cape Town for our NLP Practitioner Training Course, Seven days of exceptional personal training that will; teach you the latest techniques of NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time-Based Techniques and Hypnosis, harness your own potential to succeed and provide you with internationally recognised qualifications and accreditations.

What is NLP?

You can also gain NLP Coaching (life coach) certification alongside your NLP Practitioner status – Terry explains here:

Our  Seven Day NLP Practitioner Certification | Cape Town training will quite simply take you on a journey of a lifetime and enable you to confidently use NLP techniques in business, coaching, therapy and in health to get the results you want.

On your fully accredited NLP Practitioner Training Course, we guarantee; high quality individually focused training sessions, well thought out materials and frequent opportunities to embed your  knowledge and skills through experience. Our small training groups and high staff ratio during sessions are just one part of our dedication to ensuring the excellence of your training.

The course itself is self-reflective and can be quite intense, therefore we ask you to prepare yourself well, take on the pre-study and allow yourself the honour of letting your subconscious patterns arise and be ok with that during the time with us. It is a safe space but if you want a course that you can just hide in, this probably isn’t it!

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You need not have any prior experience of NLP. Everything needed is taught from the pre-study materials and on the seven day course itself.

What Can I Expect from our NLP Practitioner Training Course?

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NLP Practitioner Training: Certification & Accreditation


Our NLP Practitioner Training Courses Guarantee!

Our NLP World 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Although what we’re doing is very different from other Neuro Linguistic Programming training organisations, one thing is constant; ours is a very human training. We respect you as an individual and talk to you as an equal. This is not old school training, it’s 21st century advanced communication!

Our dedicated team, coupled with our limited size classrooms allow individuals to apply the material confidently and fully express themselves.