Time Based Techniques

Why Time Based Techniques?

Humankind has been aware of the passage of time throughout history as evidenced by Aristotle who first mentioned the “stream of time” in his book Physics IV and William James who was the first to speak of linear memory storage in 1890. In the middle of the 2Oth Century, Milton Erickson created a technique that could be used to map memories onto a time line that is held in the mind as a pseudo-space.

Humans have the ability to unconsciously store memories and be able to understand and differentiate a memory from the past from a future projection. People are not able to change consciously and real behavioural change will often occur in the unconscious level. Time Based Techniques, when learnt correctly, allows you to release the negative effects of past negative experiences and change the programming in a matter of days as opposed to months or years. The effectiveness of Time Based Techniques is attributed to the fact that they work at the unconscious level to effect change.

What’s the difference with Time Based Techniques?

Time Based Techniques (TBT) is different from other Time Techniques in that rather than just utilise a visual model, TBT has been designed to allow you to work with time travel in any of the senses including visually, feelings and thoughts. The time travel is achieved when the TBT practitioner is able to harness the modalities or senses we have mentioned above in the moment the client connects to the old issue and then transport clients anywhere in their lifetimes or past lifetimes from where the problems arose.

In this process we eliminate the concept that the problem has a root cause and instead use any memories that the client unconsciously comes up with. This means we can work with the client in the moment, without having to have a set-up or complicated script to work with.

What can you do with Time Based Techniques?

Time Based Techniques give you the unique ability to free yourself from your past and create your future. TBT as an NLP application allows you take control of your emotional reactions that have been a hindrance to you achieving the quality of life you desire. Limiting decisions that hamper your ability to create any value-driven goals and outcomes can be eliminated by TBT.

Time Based Techniques was created by John Overdurf and is designed to enable you eliminate issues in your past that interfere with your ability to move forward with your desires and create a life that you deserve. The technique has gained worldwide popularity because of its ability to create fast long lasting results.

How does TBT work?

Time Based Techniques enable a client to use their own learning of the techniques to be able to always use them to replace the problem. TBT aims at empowering the client to have the know how to do it themselves and have the capacity to permanently banish the limiting belief or thought. The approximate time it takes for a client to get a result with different types of therapy is as follows;

  • Freudian- 100 hours- 5years
  • Behavioural- 10 weeks
  • Eriksonian- 15 hours
  • Time Based Techniques- 2 hrs or less