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NLP Sales Training

NLP Sales Training

A neat and full package, with a trunk full of sales training resources


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A neat and full NLP Sales Training package, with a trunk full of sales training resources, including:

  • 77 page manual, ready for you to edit to your custom presentation
  • PowerPoint slide show (x 11 slides)
  • A download for our unique audio version of selling (one hour)
  • A handout for you to remember (and give out) the 6 steps with content
  • Feedback forms
  • Invoices
  • Order forms
  • A welcome pack email to send out

The NLP Sales Training slides you receive are the ones that I use today still. They are fully functioning PowerPoint slides, with good quality images that have been refined now for over 15 years.

The full set cost over £2000, so you are getting a bargain at these low prices. What you are mostly paying for is the time & effort saved by having these PowerPoint’s made for you, and also the workshop manual, which takes time and effort to produce.

If someone had offered me these as a newly accredited trainer (or even now if the sets were different) I would jump at the chance!

Please check each item here to see that it’s got what you want. Contact us if you have any questions, as I want you to be happy with what you are getting.

Each item comes with forms that you can edit to your satisfaction with everything I could think of that’s useful in terms of logistics for your workshop or training.


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