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Terry Elston:

The ABC of Abundant Living ebook

The ABC of Abundant Living ebook was written by Terry Elston with the intention of getting across some important messages about life, living and your purpose.

Here is an extract:

There are three main ingredients for which we live: We live for the body, we live for the mind and we live for the soul. Not one of these is better or holier (whole) than the other; all are desirable, and not one of the three, body, mind, or soul can live fully if either of the others is cut short of full life and expression. It is not right or morally ‘good’ to live only for the soul and deny mind or body, and it is wrong to live for the intellect and deny body or soul. Most of todays issues come from the lack of alignment with all of these properties. The one thing that binds them all together is your purpose in life.

“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can
cure the senses but the soul.”     Oscar Wilde

If you were to sit on a mountain and meditate, it may stimulate your transcendence of the physical plain, you may reach a nirvana on that plain. Yet, you will still have to challenge that goal with coming down from the mountain to test your intellectual prowess or interpersonal skills to see how well you’ve done holistically. You still have to ground that reality!
To have full expression in mind, a person must be intellectually stimulated in some way. To have full expression in body, the body must be moved, motivated and physically cared for. To have full expression in soul, a person must have love. Love is denied fullest expression by the lack of flow of creativity.
The ABC of Abundant Living | Book Cover | NLP WorldThe word love has a root in L’ove relating to ovaries. Ovaries are obviously creative by nature, yet it’s also true on the abstract level that creation comes from love. I have many friends where our love is pure and it ALWAYS ends up with creativity in the form of assistance in creativity, business and money; money being a representation of a flow of energy and abundance.

“Love is a creative force, a magnetic quality that pulls us
toward someone or something and makes us listen. Love is in
the universe, in the sky and in our bodies; and it asks us to
make something of it!” Terry Elston


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