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How Can NLP Make Me Money or Success?

From my own experience, the first time I tried NLP, it worked so perfectly that I knew I was onto a winner straight away. I had been on holiday in Wales, UK and was with some good friends. There was also an NLP Practitioner there, who I didn’t know at the time but would have a big bearing in my life.

cat into lionOn that holiday she had successfully removed my flat mate’s allergy to cats. Now, I was doing some coaching at the time – yet no-where in that coaching manual was a page with “removal of allergies in 20 minutes”! So I was already interested.

About a year later I was suffering from lack of motivation – and i had no idea what was causing it. I had already performed my own tricks that I knew to get me back on track, yet nothing I knew was working. Then I thought of that magical NLP lady.

picture falling off chairI booked an appointment to see her in a cafe just by Islington, London. The Dove Cafe – and I remember it like yesterday. We were sitting there and I thought we were having a ‘casual chat’ – now realising she was using very graceful and conscious language to dig down into truths (The Meta-Model). After a bit i said “Oh, something just popped up. Last time I was really motivated was the time I split up with my girlfrie……..nd and the emotion was there. I nearly fell off my chair was surprise and excitement. So now we realised the synchronicity between mind and body.

Therefore whatever you hold in your being will be dispelled onto the stage of life. In my case lack of motivation in life controlled by inner panel of not wanting to get hurt like that again (and making assumptions that motivation was to blame).

NLP is powerful as it does have the tools to dig deeply and quickly into these truths to find the treasure chests of honesty and the control panel of inner codes to re-arrange the furniture.

So can NLP make me money or success? Yes and no. Yes in as much as you are willing to get onto that journey of self-discovery; to challenge your inner patterns or shadow side. The NLP course is not just about showing you the techniques of NLP: It’s as much about showing you how cleaning up your inner world we equate to your ability to have access to your best imagination.

And having your best imagination become real, is a little bit like alchemy. it wasn’t here, material and maybe wasn’t going to happen: Now it can!

SWP Crest | NLP World.Since those days I am now a published author and have nine books to my name. I have been a consultant to the government with NLP, have used NLP (alongside my other NLP World trainers) with 21 blue chip companies and have also been used by Schools, other governmental departments including The Home Office and MOD, plus the South Wales police force (who now have 18 police officers trained in NLP).

My imagination is no different to yours in essence. Therefore your abilities are only held by the boundaries of your mind – and as Buddha said “It’s your mind that controls this world”.

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