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Terry Elston:
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On your Online Time Based Technicques Course, you’ll get inside the very thought processes you need to further your experience of how to work with memories – plus learn the crucial techniques you need to be successful.

The Online Time Based Techniques Course is a complete, video based training program designed to teach you everything you need to know, to become a highly effective advanced Practitioner working with memories.

This is one of the ONLY Online Time Based Techniques Courses that gives you ACCESS TO NLP TRAINERS for feedback or questions. The trainers are on call to guide you, talk to you (via email, telephone or skype) and assist with your NLP journey.


Introduction and Client Set Up

Length: 30 minutes

You are entering into the wonderful world of Time and Space management – plus memory management. When you engage on the level of philosophy that I will show you here, old negative memories can melt like snow on a hot stove!

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Only R29500


(accomodation and food included)

Upcoming Courses

9th-15th November 2024

(Witzenberg Guest farm near Cape Town)

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