Four & Seven Day NLP Practitioner Certification


At NLP World, we offer NLP Practitioner certification for all of our courses. All of our NLP Practitioner Training courses – both the four and seven day programmes – are accredited by the AIP (Association for Integrative Psychology, USA). Your NLP Practitioner Training course can also count towards the hours of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records, as Terry Elston is a Registered CPD Presenter. His coaching courses and NLP trainings are accredited by Comensa, The Coaching Society and CPD.

NLP World is also an accredited Coach Training Provider through Comensa. The coaching course is also accredited via TCS (The Coaching Society).



Not only has the course triggered a transformational shift in who I am and what I believe about myself, I’ve also achieved some down to earth fundamental shifts as in giving up coffee, chocolate and crisps! I’ve already been using NLP to assist others, which has been brilliant. The next part of my life starts here!
Kristy McMillan

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If you attend and complete our seven day NLP Practitioner training course, you will also be accredited by the ANLP (The Association of NLP, UK). The ANLP requires 50 hours face to face tuition. When you complete your Seven Day NLP Practitioner Training course, you will also receive 3 months membership (usually R400, but is free with your seven day training package) to the ANLP, with your own webpage listing.

Both the AIP and the ANLP are internationally independent recognised certification bodies. This means that when you complete your training, your NLP Practitioner certification is valid worldwide.

For more information about the NLP Practitioner certification and the various accreditation bodies, you can have a look at our guide to NLP Practitioner Standards.