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NLP Training in Gauteng

nlp retreat includes accomodation

This coming year, February 2021, our NLP Training in Gauteng will be held at the classy venue, Little Tuscany, Bryanston. Of course, the quality of training, the welcome that you get, plus your accreditation are all high on the list when you book an NLP course – yet the environment does play a big part as well. That’s why we have placed you in the gorgeous setting of Little Tuscany, … Continue Reading

NLP Accreditation in South Africa

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How and who can you get accredited by when taking your NLP training in Cape Town or Gauteng? Finding the right NLP training organisation with the correct NLP Accreditation in South Africa is difficult when you are starting out. There seems to be a lot of companies telling you that there’s is the best and so on. So how do you find out? NLP is still unregulated in all the … Continue Reading

Who regulates NLP?

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This article explains the complexities of NLP regulation and will assist you to find out the rules and types of accreditation out there: There are many regulation bodies and companies who would love to accredit you in NLP. yet the truth is that NLP is completely unregulated by government, so all regulation is more or less self-regulation. So who regulates NLP? There are a number of groups, organisations, associations, boards … Continue Reading