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What’s the quickest way to learn NLP?

7 Day Training NLP

Personally, I have had the best of both worlds by doing my Practitioner course as a modular event and then doing my Masters in the accelerated style. So what’s the quickest way to learn NLP? Undoubtably the quickest way to learn NLP is the accelerated version that takes the whole curriculum and trains you all on one block. On my trainings, that would be either the four day NLP course … Continue Reading

Free NLP Videos on Frequently asked questions

Girl Listening to NLP World Hypnosis track | NLP World

I have put together some Free NLP Videos on frequently asked questions about NLP in a text and video combination that should cover most aspects.   The sort of question you ask can not always be covered in text answers. Sometimes you need to hear the different slants on how NLP works, who regulates nlp, how does nlp work inside business and many more slightly complex answers than can normally … Continue Reading