Free NLP Videos on Frequently asked questions

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I have put together some Free NLP Videos on frequently asked questions about NLP in a text and video combination that should cover most aspects.  

The sort of question you ask can not always be covered in text answers. Sometimes you need to hear the different slants on how NLP works, who regulates nlp, how does nlp work inside business and many more slightly complex answers than can normally be given. Here the video NLP answers should help you understand NLP better than before.

Here are the top questions asked about NLP:

What is NLP?

NLP is not just about the techniques – Terry explains here:


Does NLP Work?


Who Regulates NLP?


Is NLP A FAD Therapy?


Can NLP Help a business?


How Do You Use NLP Within You Life?


Can You Learn NLP From Home?


How can I use use NLP In Business?

How Is Hypnosis Different To NLP?

What Career To Do After An NLP Practitioner Course?


What Is The Quickest Way To Learn NLP?


What’s The Most Affordable Way To Learn Hypnosis?


The whole notion of NLP and NLP Training, especially in Cape Town or, in fact, anywhere in South Africa may not be understood as it should be, so these NLP videos are designed to bridge the gap between wondering and knowing!

I trust this has answered your questions about NLP. If you have more questions, please write to me, Terry Elston at