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Accredited Online Coaching Course

There are so many accredited online coaching course providers in the world. But how many give you quality instruction, power points, and real time examples in excellent post-production video and audio? 

Not many I can tell you! 

Good quality video and audio production means that you can see, hear and feel that all the media you are experiencing has been designed with the viewer and listener in mind. Coupled with this, the editing has been appropriately managed to give you what you want and need and no wasting your time with extra footage that is not applicable. 

How can we get high quality video in South Africa?


The fact in South Africa is that the internet is not always the best! That’s why we have made sure that your videos are able to be downloaded. So even if your connection is not good that moment in time when you want to watch and listen, you can simply download all the media and have it when you desire.

Below is an example of the kind of quality you can expect. Firstly with a powerpoint instruction, then with live video.

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[button color=”blue” size=”small” link=”http://nlpmp3video.com/members/online-training/teaser/Parts-example-web-HD.zip”]Download HD Version[/button]

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[button color=”blue” size=”small” link=”http://nlpmp3video.com/members/online-training/teaser/Parts-example-web-SD.zip” target=”_blank”]Download SD Version[/button]



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[button color=”blue” size=”small” link=”http://nlpmp3video.com/members/online-training/teaser/Claire-Parts-Example-HD.zip” target=”_blank”]Download HD Version[/button]

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[button color=”blue” size=”small” link=”http://nlpmp3video.com/members/online-training/teaser/Claire-Parts-Example-SD.zip” target=”_blank”]Download SD Version[/button]


As you can see, we have taken the time and effort to give the best quality possible. Also supplied with this package are coaching workbooks for each section and downloadable worksheets for use with clients.


What will I learn on the Online NLP Training Course?

Click on the tabs below to get the complete details of what you can expect from this in-depth training course.

              Module 1 contents img                    Module 2 contents img                    Module 3 contents img                    Module 4 contents img                     Module 5 contents img

[tabs tab1=”Cornerstones” tab2=”Coaching Skills” tab3=”Language Skills” tab4=”NLP Toolbox” tab5=”Strategies”]

[tab id=1]Module 1 – The Cornerstones of NLP

This module covers the keystones on which NeuroLinguistic Programming is built.

You will learn about the detailed fabric of what NLP consists of, how it works and the attitude to adopt which will create radical shifts in your own life, and those with whom you work.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • What % of responsibility you and your clients should take for the results you currently see in your life
  • Proof of how our reality is created by our own perceptions and how to change them.
  • Our most powerful technique which will allow yourself and your clients to access all the information from the subconscious minds which was previously not accessible.
  • How to deeply dance with the unconscious mind of another for rapport, persuasion and ethical influence


[tab id=2]Module 2 – Advanced Coaching Skills

Right from the beginning we will be giving you the very best coaching tools so you can begin your coaching journey.

Most coaching courses typically only focus on goal setting and results based coaching, but here at NLP world, we’ll be giving you the skills and techniques that will let you to bust through the mental and emotional blockages your clients may have which are keeping them stuck and without choice.

In this module you will learn:

  • The little known techniques and questions that will ensure that your clients are setting goals that they truly want (and not just what they think they want)
  • The one essential question that you need to know to elicit a clients values in one easy step.
  • The advanced “Meta Model” questioning techniques that will uncover the truth of any situation or problem.[/tab]

[tab id=3]Module 3 – Advanced use of Language

Our words are powerful neurological tools and as such, our internal and external worlds are created through the language that we use.

This module looks into the “Linguistic” part of NLP and focuses on the advanced language skills that will allow you to deeply dance with the unconscious mind of another and to create change on a neurological, not just psychological level.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to use the “hierarchy of ideas” to traverse between specific and abstract language which may be keeping someone stuck in one interpretation
  • How to use lateral thinking to create metaphors which will create space and understandings of a situation which were not accessible from a previous standpoint.
  • How to use language which will allow you to communicate with the unconscious mind of another without interference of their conscious mind.


[tab id=4]Module 4 – The Toolbox of NLP

Get ready for some mind bending fun! This module is all about the change techniques that NLP is famous for.

In this module you will learn:

  • How you can create a powerful neurological anchor in someone just by using carefully selected language
  • How you can collapse or remove a negative state by integrating it into a powerful super anchor (or stacked state)
  • How to use sub-modalities to change the code of internal representations including beliefs, feelings and emotions.
  • How to reframe a situation which is keeping someone stuck by using our 2-step technique.
  • How to perform a “parts integration” to incorporate elements of a persons neurology which have become isolated and are causing fear, worry, doubt or segregation.


[tab id=5]Module 5 – Strategies

Strategies are the way that we do what we do. They are HOW we create our results in life, and therefore, by studying strategies you can change the results you are seeing in your life or those of your clients or organisations.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to understand and use eye patterns for more effective communication.
  • How to elicit a strategy and how to change elements of a strategy to increase positive results and choice.
  • How to sell anything with authenticity, integrity and empathy using our 6 step sales strategy. 


Here’s what other students have said:

Helen Van der Merwe

It’s all here – in this amazing online NLP training program.

“NLP is all about unlocking the mind to think differently and therefore act differently. NLP World’s online training makes this easy. It’s all here – in this amazing online NLP training program. The incredibly good quality live audios and videos bring the content to life. I just loved this!”

Helen Van de Merwe, Owner at Equilibrium NLP Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, Cape Town, SA.

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Is this a full NLP Practitioner Training program?

The Coaching Society | NLP WorldAll of the material covered in this Online NLP Training Program is included as the pre-study material for a live NLP Practitioner Training program. This online course by itself is NOT a full NLP Practitioner certification program but it is a fully certified NLP Coaching Certification, backed by NLP World and The Coaching Society.

No training providers can claim to give a full NLP Practitioner Certification without the attendance and supervised experience of a live training event.

SusanneYou will get the tools for your life & become a reflection of the Master you are

If you like to step in to Life Mastery, then you are in the right place! When you learn NLP Online with Terry, then you learn the process of life, His teaching is both grounded and practical as well as deeply spiritual. You will get the tools for your life & become a reflection of the Master you are. I Recommend it from my heart!
Susanne Billander – META-Health Master Trainer

So if you are wanting the best quality and Accredited Online Coaching Course please sign up now – before I change the price!

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