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The New Year

The New Year

There will be many new years resolutions, promises and prophecies cast into the atmosphere from January through until March. Why is this so? It’s a year end of course, yet how come we don’t do this every quarter, month, week or even day?

What’s special about a year?

winter sceneIn the west we have four definite seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each has it’s own way of completing a yearly cycle. Looking at that process through analogy, you can view winter as a completion program, wiping the slate free, destroying any old stuff that shouldn’t be there and taking us back to ‘nothing’ to be able to start again. As a human being that would translate into doing the washing up, paying the bills, cleaning out old cupboards, mentally de-cluttering the mind – completion. It’s also the analogy of keeping a fire alight inside, making light where there is none naturally.


Picture of two hands holding soil with a plant growing | NLP World.Spring is that start again beginning. New shoots are arising, the sun is elongating it’s visible time. Snow may be melting, seeds are arousing, animals stirring from hibernation. For the human race, it’s about new ideas, starting projects, planting some physical seeds of what plants we want into the future. Also what kind of life we want into the future. There’s also the commitment to those ideas – in fact a commitment to the light. To integrity of your Self into everyday life.


nlp cape town on the lawn
When the sun shines we get out!
Summer relates to the fruition of those ideas. Seeds have sprouted and grown up showing us their mature nature, fully opened. At noon on summer solstice, there is no shadow at noon, when the sun it at it’s overhead position. For us, that’s about taking responsibility for what we have planted and cultivated. And it’s here and now. This is who we are, with no excuses and no secrets.


Girl-holding-flowerAutumn in nature is all about reaping the harvest. There should be no excuses for our lives if we properly embrace the aspect of summer. We have got what we’ve got and all that’s left is the result and feedback from what we did not do or achieve. Everything has grown to its highest place and now all is left is to take it down and enjoy it, plus put some aside for sharing and keeping for darker days. Nature always makes enough for sharing as well as for itself. Autumn for a human being is an important time, as enjoying/sharing the harvest is as crucial and pivotal as making the produce.

If you endorse the idea that we have come from nature (even if Christian or other denomination then God made us in his own image – and he’s into nature too), then our very cells have a historical relationship with the cycles of life.

The difference that we have is that as an evolutionary race, we can have some control over when we invoke the different seasons and cycles within ourselves and our lives. We can all do the washing up (internal and external), we can all plant seeds (ideas and physical seeds), we can all share stuff when we harvest and we can all tell the truth and let things be out in the open where appropriate for us.

Have a look here at another article on how we are effected by nature and the seasons

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