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Can you learn NLP From Home?

More often these days, I am getting questions from all over the world about learning NLP from a distance.

Online NLP Training is a fast growing interest and one that needs careful consideration.

So can you learn NLP From Home and make it work for you?

There are many companies out there that provide NLP training in many formats. Finding the right one for you may be trial and error – or if the organisation is confident in what they are providing, they will give you a ‘taste’ of the experience and let you test drive the products in some way.

What will I learn on the Online NLP Training Course?

Click on the tabs below to get the complete details of what you can expect from this in-depth training course.

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SusanneYou will get the tools for your life & become a reflection of the Master you are

If you like to step in to Life Mastery, then you are in the right place! When you learn NLP Online with Terry, then you learn the process of life, His teaching is both grounded and practical as well as deeply spiritual. You will get the tools for your life & become a reflection of the Master you are. I Recommend it from my heart!
Susanne Billander – META-Health Master Trainer


Here’s a snippet from the NLP Online training:


And here a section from one of the live videos: Full video is one hour

I trust you have learned what’s important to you about your home study NLP training. You will gain a certification and get a diploma as an NLP Coach. This is no substitution for a fully qualified practitioner of NLP.

If you want to learn more about the live accredited NLP Practitioners course, click here:

It is possible to claim the money from online training towards the live training. The system will take UK pounds and will reflect current exchange rate. An EFT is possible. Just email me on info@nlpworldsa.co.za

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nlp retreat includes accomodation
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