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Changing How We Feel About Those We ‘Hate’

Changing How We Feel About Those We ‘Hate’

I know that a lot of energy is wasted through not liking people or even hating people in our lives.

No one in there right minds will deliberately go out to hate other people because it does waste so much valuable energy. There will always be a positive reason for hating people but usually it’s just to get yourself moving in the direction that you want to move in, albeit it will be an ‘away from’.

An ‘away from’ in NLP is simply something that motivates yourself by not wanting the opposite. For instance wanting money by “not wanting to be poor”.

There have been some amazing people on this planet who have successfully turned around the concept of not liking or hating others.

One of my favourite quotes is from the wordsmith Abraham Lincoln. He said

to defeat my enemy I must first make them my friend!

This is pure genius as an attitude and a philosophy in life.

To hate somebody is exactly the same process as liking somebody. You have to make pictures of them in your inner mind, and those pictures of them might incorporate sounds, images, symbols and those representations then create chemistry in your body which then makes you feel this way or that way. That process would be exactly the same for any kind of motivation for yourself.

Is that how people get depressed?

Worry Head | NLP WorldThe process and structure of depression therefore would be like a farmer has not planted any seeds in the garden. They would look out the window, lament about life that there are no flowers, that there is no abundance in life and then feeling bad about it.

Well of course the farmer would be depressed if there are no seeds in his field – I certainly would be depressed if there were no plants or flowers waiting to grow.

“It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.” Shakespeare

our mindsIt’s the same feeling when you know you’re going to a great party. What happens inside even before the party is happening? You are feeling good and the cells in your body are jumping up and down, the pictures in your mind are all positive and the future looks very bright. These pictures sounds and feelings are the very seeds – the very building blocks of all motivation – they can be managed just the same way as you would plant a crop in a field and manage it.

If you want to read more on how perceptions change our lives – please visit our sister UK website NLP World UK

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