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Corporate NLP Training

Neuro Linguistic Programming is big business. In the UK corporate NLP Training program has become so mainstream that the government have used us, the police forces, over twenty one blue chip companies and schools – teachers and pupils alike have been using NLP World South Africa.

What is NLP in business and how does it work in practise?

We’ve been working with Mundipharma, a pharmaceutical organisation in Cape Town and Johannesburg for the last year and a half.

Mundipharma have invested in a 360 degree philosophy, which requires research, training and then one-to-one coaching to fulfil its promise.

And the promise is that all staff and management share honestly their process in life and career, so that the element of self-development becomes an important factor in their daily lives.

This process can only occur with the coaching program as part of the journey. Most people love an element of attention in the training room. Yet there is only so much we will share in that environment. We don’t want to share ourselves so much that our colleagues see our weaknesses.

The other issue with simply training is that it won’t broach the behavioural element of staff. Therefore your top performers will take any truing and make it work fantastically. The medium to lower performers may get inspired, yet their personality, behaviour and ultimately their limitations cannot be touched by smart skill sets.

Having the one-to-one allows the coach to work on any limiting beliefs or other blockages to performing. It also allows the privacy and safety to offload what we are really thinking and feeling about life and work.

What does this do for your company?

The benefits of fully expressed staff are as follows.

A. Less illness and therefore time off sick as people are fully in their power going towards what they love
B. A unique ‘clean’ feeling atmosphere inside the office, where staff feel happy, taken care of and expressed
C. A fantastic feedback environment where messages, ideas and inspiration can move from the bottom to the top easily.

What are the elements of Corporate NLP Training?

1. Beliefs of great communicators – a set of powerful values that everyone can adhere to. In NLP these are called “Beliefs of Great communicators”
2. The element of “Intention in NLP” – how to get your goals/purpose even when the odds are stacked against you
3. Mindfulness – How to teach staff to be present to what’s around them in every second of the day. Mindfulness creates connection of the goal and the purpose
4. Rapport skills – how to create rapport in the shortest time possible. And this isn’t the school tie type of rapport. This type of rapport is where your client is listening to you uncritically!
5. Sensory awareness – how many times do you get contacted by some cardboard cutout who wants to speak ‘at you’ rather than ‘with you’? We show all staff the ‘do with’ ability to be aware of others needs during managing and selling.
6. Perceptual Positions – a unique and powerful set of movements in time and space that allows your staff to see meaning and intention from various different perspectives.
7. The Now State – a fantastic, powerful tool to get yourself into your own zone of bullet proof effectiveness.
8. Advanced Presentation Skills – The Unique way that we train presenting that gives you the chance to show how powerful you are, even without so many words.

Corporate NLP training is not so much about slick training room skill sets, which most other training companies will deliver; it’s about having a self-development program that includes everyone with no-one left out. In that way corporate staff feel like they have somewhere to prosper and grow: Grow as people, as well as company employees. That should create longevity of loyalty, less sickness, more health and satisfaction for all involved.

Have a look here for more information on NLP in corporations.

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