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Neuro Linguistic Programming Training in Cape Town

I have had a lot of questions about Neuro linguistic Programming Training in Cape Town, since it has started to get so popular.

This is the most common question:

What is NLP?

NLP is traditionally known as a set of techniques which, when trained, allow another person to be proficient at using these techniques. Some of what other NLP trainers teach isn’t actually NLP at all. Just what was marketed as NLP! The very basis of the techniques came before the skill sets themselves; just by default, before the techniques were here, there were none! During this journey into the heart of NLP, we’ll explore what makes NLP work, what’s behind it and how you can apply it.

Here is a technical definition:

NEURO. This refers to all the neurons in the body and the ability of the mind and body to communicate with each other. There are so many possible neurological connections available in the mind and body that it would be impossible to count them. Some have said as many as the number of stars that are in the sky.

Anything happening in the mind also happens in the body and vice versa. Again, from studies by Deepak Chopra (1989), he cites the neurotransmitter as being the communication device of the mind. These neurotransmitters are bathing every cell in your body. Therefore every cell is listening intently to every thought emitted from your mind!

This has particular implications on your body language. There is a saying in NLP that you cannot – not communicate. That’s because your deeper mind will always be commenting on something and showing it through the body. Really, the body can’t lie! We all give off unconscious signals that other people pick up on.

How this is useful is to start to become aware of your own signals through your body (remember that another person will be more inclinedtobelieveyourbodylanguagethanyourwords).You can then also start to be more aware of another’s unconscious signals, and start to master the knowledge of the ‘unseen’ world of communication.

Which brings us onto the word LINGUISTIC, which is then all the verbal and non-verbal translations of the inner world. The transmission of all that data has to come out of your mouth or your body. Either you are doing the communicating overtly or covertly!

Lastly, the word PROGRAMING describes the patterns that are inside us all (also called filters in NLP). The basic premises being that we are all programmed at an early age and have to deal with those patterns, until we can be free of them and regain some independence.

Here are some of the interpretations you may have heard when listening to the description of the art and science of NLP:

• magic of the mind
• a set of processes that consistently cause change
• a toolbox of transformational techniques.

Who is NLP for?

You can use NLP within corporations for sales, management training, presentation skills negotiating and influencing procedures and much more. Click on this link to see our business section.

Eva Minkov, General Manager of Mundipharma SA, with 'Beliefs of Great Communicators'
Eva Minkov, General Manager of Mundipharma SA, with ‘Beliefs of Great Communicators’

In Coaching: NLP is an amazing tool if you are planning to be a personal coach. In fact, being NLP trainer over-qualifies you as a coach! You will be able to deal with limiting beliefs, phobias and memory work that coach sod not have the training for. NLP World can also qualify you as a coach.

NLP Practitioners & Coaches at The Andros Hotel - Claremont
NLP Practitioners & Coaches at The Andros Hotel – Claremont

Education: NLP World has been into schools to train teachers and pupils alike. I was invited as special guest speaker at Christ’s Hospital school in Horsham recently to give a talk on the advantages of NLP to pupils. Glen Mcfeat, who is the learning specialist invited me after requesting NLP training himself several years ago.

Are your courses accredited?

At NLP World we have gone to stringent lengths to make sure your certification is valid and valuable. Not just in South Africa, but a recognised certification worldwide. Literally, you could travel as far apart as the UK or Australia and start practising as soon as you finish your course.

You can have a look here at our accreditation bodies: NLP World recognised accreditation.

If you would like to book an NLP course with us, please visit the link here: NLP Training courses with NLP World.

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