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What are the different ways I can learn NLP?

The question “What are the different ways I can learn NLP?” is a good one as there are so many styles and courses you can take to suit your position, time available and context you want to use it in.

I run a public 4,5 and seven day NLP training to get you the status of NLP Practitioner & qualified Hypnotherapy Practitioner. The four day course suits people who really have no time (and/or perhaps money) to attend the full seven days. The 5 day includes Time Based Techniques (TBT) and the full seven days includes accredited Hypnotherapy training.

Why do we do seven days straight?

Cape Town NLP PractitionersI prefer the seven day training for the continuity and intensity: My first course was modular in design. I thoroughly enjoyed that process albeit it took six months to complete. With the seven day, if you are travelling or have limitations with resources, everything can be done at once, in the same place, with the least expense possible. We start on a Saturday, so it’s just 5 working days off.

How come we can do it so quickly?

The course is transformational in essence. We also teach you advanced, accelerated learning techniques to power up your mind and understanding. Therefore, as we start by talking directly to your unconscious mind (the bit that learns and changes things internally), we can get things done much more efficiently and thoroughly. We teach you The Now State, strategies of learning, how to use the language of the unconscious mind and many other ways that you can learn easily.

How will I remember all this?

girl thinking nlpThe part of you that remembers is governed by your unconscious mind. The types of strategies and learning styles we adopt are Metaphors to give complete instruction in pictures, sounds and feelings; embedded commands to get messages heard and seen; anchoring certain sections with appropriate slides, interaction, questions and discussion and lastly we always have a demonstration from me with someone at the front of the room and then an exercise to get the theory into the very neurology of the delegates. Anything less than that style would not be able to authentically call itself Neuro Linguistic Programing.

online nlp trainingThat’s the live training: Then we have our online courses which you can do at your own pace and at home or wherever your computer is: I have made the whole powerpoint displays and live videos downloadable so you can watch without having to stream (which is useful in places like South Africa). It’s an extremely affordable way to learn NLP and can get your a certificate as an NLP Coach. This is recognised and accredited via The Coaching Society.

If you wanted t learn NLP without spending a penny, you can browse YouTube videos until the cows come home. Have a look here for Terry Elston YouTube NLP Videos:

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