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New beginnings – Completion is the key

New beginnings – Completion is the key

winter sceneThe art of the distinction called ‘completion’ is the ability to let things go and start again. You only have to watch nature to get some clues on how this happens as a natural process. The four seasons are a complete package to enable life to flourish. One important part of that package is the season winter. Winter strips off everything that it determines is not needed for the health of the whole. The roots will be taken care of and anything that is essential for it’s growth – yet any other parts of the mineral, vegetable, plant, tree that nature decides is not needed, it shrugs them off for the beginning of the next cycle.

How does this relate to our everyday life?

As we are part of this matrix of life (we are made of animal, vegetable, mineral – and human of course), we correspond in exactly he same way, albeit not constrained to the exact moments in nature to fulfil the seasons. In other words, in the southern hemisphere, around December 21st will be the summer solstice, therefore the possibility in nature is about fruit growing, things coming to their height of maturity and blossoming completely. It is the height of the sun coming.

In the northern hemisphere, alternatively, this time is now winter, so everything is coming to it’s end and taking life back to nothing. Or at least back to the root. Darkness is now the presider, and cold. Things will be killed off, insects, plants and some people even. It is the ‘death’ of the sun.

nervous system as vegetable Yet, as human beings, seeing as all the seasons and elements are inside us – and that we have some control of those seasons through our abilities (pituitary gland and pineal gland), we can experience and use the seasons to assist our journey every day, hour, minute, second. That’s why the concept of Now has become so popular, the idea of Mindfulness and other present tense principles and disciplines.

In the now, the appropriate ‘season’ can be harnessed for the job in hand, allowing you and I to naturally let the forces around us assist our process.

In winter, forinstance, the appropriate actions would be to complete things. Pay the bills, make the telephone call you need to do. Clear up the sloppy communication you made, write the book you said you’d do (or declare that finished and don’t write it) or do any task that is still waiting in the wings. How do you know what’s the most important task? Just sit quietly for a moment or two and the most frightening one or distasteful one will emerge and you’ll know!

In summer, conversely, it’s time to let everything out into the open, have no secrets (no shadow) and let growth occur around you and within you.

So the idea here is: Even the next sentence you utter will have the four seasons intertwined. First you need to be nothing, the last thing you did has died and completion has occurred. Then a spring is possible – you can speak a new possibility into life, that sentence will flourish into its summer, go out into world of the matrix of creativity, become mature and then be harvested as a new project, a solid material emergence in life and return with interest. Or it will not prosper if things are not right for that thought and it will go into winter, to be let go of and start again, second by second.

So, happy solstice, wherever you are in the world, it’s the same thing!

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