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Free Your Mind and Fly

Free your mind and fly

Yusuf Mohamed, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

Throughout history mankind always endured challenges. These challenges were placed upon them by social, economic, environmental conditions, and by themselves. Some gave up hope, while others were flexible and adjusted by finding an alternative solution whenever a problem occurred. Some had support and guidance, while others faced constant fear and negativity from others and are unaware of their hidden gifts.

Society has conformed us, and we are lead to believe that our lives have to be structured in a certain way. Meaning going to school then to university, and eventually time to marry and start a family. That is okay however when an age limit is fixed for someone to achieve something at a certain age the pressure often does more harm than good. I read an article last year in which they indicated that 70% of people are unhappy with what they are currently doing and wish or often think of doing something different. Don’t give up your job just yet because you need a plan. My views regarding this high percentage is due to the following reasons:

– Environment or culture they operate in clashes with their values and beliefs
– The economy and how certain industries being affected impact uncertainty
– The human mind of being in a constant curiosity phase “What if”
– The pay might not be worth the energy you put in

The list can go on. My question right now is what do you really want to do but never end up doing? This can be anything like going fishing or wanting to see another country.

The reason why some people don’t move if they are unhappy is because certain commitments are upon them, which makes movement restrictive. The human being in most cases always take the path of least resistance. The easy way. See Maslow hierarchy of needs below, and see which category you might possibly want to make a change in your life to bring peace to your body, mind and soul.

1) Self-actualisation (desire to become the best that one can be)
2) Esteem (respect, self-esteem, status, recognition, strength, freedom)
3) Love and Belonging (friendship, intimacy, family, sense of connection)
4) Safety needs (personal security, employment, resources, health, property)
5) Physiological needs (air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing, reproduction)

Overview of the above:

Point 1 – Nothing wrong in being the best but is it really what you are passionate about, or is it what society or your parents/family/friends said that you must become. You end up fighting your inner self as you are making them happy and not your inner voice that pops up time and again throughout your life. You know what I am talking about, don’t you. Have you considered taking a gap year, and spending time shadowing various artists, trades and professionals? Some might be wondering why on earth in that order? Maybe that is what you wanted to be, a rock star, in becoming a chef or to be the next President. The desire and passion must come from within, and more importantly work towards a plan of change to reach that goal.
Point 2 – Without self-respect who will assist you. Do you surround yourself with positive people with no strings attached, or people that put you down?

Point 3- Without unconditional love/understanding how can you grow, one need love to grow into something beautiful and not based on material things, and what you can do for your family/friends or co-worker before they love you. Hence the best connection is with those that accept you for who you are, and not for what they can benefit from you. What is love? Love has different meanings to some. More importantly love yourself and connect with your inner voice.

Point 4 – The mental stress caused on the individual due to conforming to the pressure of the material world. Some rush into buying an expensive house or car, and they sacrifice what they use to do such as travelling. Enslaved by material objects at the expense of giving up your mental health then reconsider the possibility of having a healthy peaceful mind that you see wealth and opportunities all around you.

Point 5 – Spend time in cultivating your mind – Great personalities in the past and current prefer to dress down and have basic clothing which saves time and is productive rather than wasting one hour in deciding what to wear.

Michael H. Hart the American astrophysicist and author of The 100: A ranking of the most influential persons in History has ranked this beautiful human being as number one. This beautiful person said to his companion: “Be in this world as though you were a stranger or a wayfarer” Although the most influential man, he lived in moderation, and died with hardly any possession but just the basics before his death. He was offered the world but preferred to live a moderate life.

My question to you, what is success worth if you don’t have peace of mind? Wealth comes in different forms, and you just have to realise what gift was given to you, and where your passion is.

live life as iff IllusionThere can be five people in a room and we all witness the same event, but the internal representation we make about the outside event are not necessarily the event itself. So the internal representation (I/R) combined with our physiology creates a state of mind. That state of mind can be a happy state, sad state, confused state or a motivated state etc. The event itself comes through our sensory input channels such as: Taste, Smell, feel, hearing and seeing.

The information is then filtered and we process this event that we experienced. During this process phase we delete, distort and generalise the information that comes in so we don’t experience true reality but our own reality of the world. Then you have other factors that change your perception. Example value, beliefs, memories and decisions we made in the past that worked for us or against us. All life lessons which helps us grow.

Let your mind be free of worry, and live in The NOW State. We can’t control everything in life so relax and enjoy life as it unfolds, and set your mind free so you can fly with a smile. Happiness comes within, and you are in control of your thoughts and feelings. You can make someone smile and laugh but you can’t make them happy. Find your happiness! Remember you control your happiness. Be in the company of positive people who genuinely give their time to you without asking anything in return apart from your beautiful soul.

If you come across negative people in your life, see it as a learning experience. To experience summer we had to experience winter.

I have given a broad view of challenges we face, and a snapshot of Manslow hierarchy of needs. More importantly how your mind works, which determines our state of mind. I hope you find the above information useful, to some it might be information you just needed, and others a reminder of just how really great you are.

Positive tips for flying high:

– In times of hardship take deep breaths and relax. After every hardship comes ease
– Be in a state of curiosity, but don’t kill the cat
– Surround yourself with people that makes you smile, and that supports you
– Take the time to clear your mind in positive quite surroundings
– If you feel sorry for yourself think about other people’s situation
– Forgive more because hate kills your own heart
– Live life in moderation and look for balance
– Help others if you are able to
– Smile more often as a genuine smile is an act of charity
– Build up emotional intelligence by developing your social skills
– Invest in your mind, body and soul

Wishing everyone a lucid mind!

Warm Regards – Yusuf Mohamed, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and founder of BeliefinU

Please follow my website beliefinu.co.za should you wish to make enquiries regarding any of my services under my website or alternatively call me on (0027) (0)7888 38 422 for more information.

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