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How to find and keep your NLP clients

How to find and keep your NLP clients

Since being in Cape Town, I haven’t looked for any clients, yet they seem to find a way to me somehow or other! I thought it may be useful to some people if I wrote up some notes on getting clients and then how to set up the situation where they have full confidence in you and what you do.

Let’s start with one golden rule: Never start the conversation with fees or anything to do with money. The whole context of working successfully with a client is never about money. When someone knows that they can get success in the area they are looking at, they will pay anything for that champagne moment(s).

The last time a client rang me recently, they started the conversation asking for time duration and cost. Before I broached that question, I immediately asked one first – “Can I ask you one question first. What exactly do you want and what have you already done about it?”

Then we are into a whole different feel in the conversation and I need time to do these things:

* Discover my clients values
* Notice what they presuppose about life and living
* Find out how much they think a result is worth
* See that I can get a result

Discover my clients values

values out if they don’t come out naturally during the conversation. “What’s important to you about….” The question is directed at their subconscious mind, so the internal library should be engaged and the values simply drop out in single word answers

Notice what they presuppose about life and living

People’s beliefs are what drives their perceptions, so knowing what those are is gold dust. During a conversation, it’s easy to see what concepts are built into their lives. Just ask simple meta-model questions and be curious. Making the feel of the questions good makes your clients feel good too.

Find out how much they think a result is worth

During a conversation with a prospective client in the USA I was curious about what he wanted. He told me he wanted to be alive to see his daughters 12th Grade. And also to keep running. I asked how much he thought that was worth. He opened his cheque book and told me to name a price!

See that I can get a result

I will never work with a client if I can not see or feel that I can get a result with them. So I’ll engage with them on the telephone until I can actually see what their issue is and I know what kind of things I can do. If I’m still unsure, I offer them a coffee meeting where I keep assessing the situation and can make a valuable judgement with the pressure of money, time or expectations from any side.

Terry Elston | NLP World Trainer & OwnerWhen the client has made the ordeal of getting to me and giving me the deposit and/or fulfilling any tasks I’ve given them, I continue to get their model of the world (ask more questions using meta-model style and curiosity) until the ‘techniques’ to use become obvious. And when I say techniques, they are rarely the off-the-peg type we show you on the training. It’s usually a mixture of all the NLP training and philosophy, a custom version for each client.

What I’m saying is that most of the work has been done in the preliminary conversations and collecting information when they first arrive. They are so sure that a result is coming because you got to know them better than anyone else in their lives, that your work has become very easy indeed.

Next time I will show the actual case studies and what worked.

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