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NLP Online Course

The challenge of learning anything is the ability to get get good content where and when you want it. What I have developed here is an amazing high quality video and powerpoint series that has the whole curriculum of NLP inside it, plus workbooks to test your knowledge and live trainers to answer any questions you have.

The videos are high definition (HD) and the beauty of them is I have made them to be downloadable so that even if you have not got good internet connection you can have them on your laptop or PC/Mac without having to be online. Then you can learn NLP in the comfort of your own space, plus when you want it as well.

The series can be used as a stepping stone to your future live training as well. Whatever you pay for your online training, you can transfer that cost over to any live training we provide, making it part of your progressive training.

If you want to take your training that bit further even without the live training, you can complete the workbooks provided for each module and send them across to NLP World where our trainers mark them and send them back to you. Once you have successfully cleared that challenge you can apply for your NLP Coach certification.

Below is an example of the kind of quality you can expect. Firstly with a powerpoint instruction, then with live video.


if you like what you see, you can click here to go and check out the prices and book. You’ll be taken to the NLP World UK website to complete this.

The NLP Online Course and the NLP Coach certification is recognised by The Coaching Society

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