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NLP Life Coach

NLP Life Coach

In this series dedicated to distinguishing the differences between an NLP Life Coach, an NLP Practitioner and a Life Coach – I’m going to give you various examples that should leave you in no doubt which is which.

online nlp trainingAn NLP Life Coach is someone who has taken an NLP Practitioners course, or an online NLP course and has learnt the whole curriculum of NLP with nothing left out. Then they have also taken some coaching courses or online coaching course to give them more variety of ways of coaching. If they have simply done one or two days of NLP training and do not have the whole curriculum they should not be calling themselves an NLP Life Coach. Look for NLP Online courses here


What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone who has taken a coaching course with a reputable company and gained a certification in life coaching. There is no difference between the distinction Life Coach and Personal Coach or Executive Coach. All of these distinctions must have had coaching training and certification and then they may find a niche for themselves out of that.

Valid coaching certification organisations would be:

The International Coach Federation: Is the professional association for personal and business coaches worldwide. International Coaching Federation
The Coaching Society: Is an accreditation coaching company dedicated to professional standards and bringing new coaches through in association with recognised training organisations. Click here for details


What is an NLP Practitioner?

NLP Certification
Rewards for hard work
An NLP Practitioner is someone who has taken live and personal training over a period of no less than four days, with pre-study making up the minimum hours study of 120 hours. The training has to be recognised by the independent accreditation bodies in the world. The training undertaken is mostly how the unconscious mind works, with training in how to remove phobias, trauma and significant emotional events (see’s). They are also trained to work with deep unconscious communication techniques.


Valid Accreditation bodies would be:
logos of nlp accreditations on black background


Association of NLP (ANLP) – A completely independent organisation based in there UK, set up to recognise and assist the thousands of NLP Practitioners and regulate the system by applying script accreditation rules. Click here to visit ANLP
Association of Integrative Psychologists (AIP) – An NLP and Hypnosis organisation based in the USA. One of the largest accreditation bodies designed to assist and improve NLP standards worldwide. Visit AIP by clicking here

To read another article about the accreditation bodies please click here

What is an NLP Practitioner?
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