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Self-Esteem MP3

Self-Esteem MP3

The whole notion of Self Esteem comes from past memories where your unconscious mind got trapped into thinking you were not good enough. On this audio-music recording you’ll be guided on how to unlock your true potential, via the amazing words and sounds, consciously chosen inside this production.

You’ll experience amazing binaural beats and brain entrainment tracks inlayed to heighten the motivating and exhilarating words spoken directly to you by Terry Elston, Master Hypnotist and NLP specialist.

You will be taken on a deeply relaxing and hypnotic set of inductions that will make you feel you are inside a Harry Potter movie, yet with clear instructions to your unconscious mind of how to experience the effects in your real life.

Here is an except from the Self-Esteem MP3 recording:

……you see a small white cloud appear from somewhere near the horizon… it comes towards the island quite quickly, growing larger as it approaches, until it’s immediately overhead… the largest, fluffiest, whitest cloud you can ever remember…

And you somehow know, just by instinct, that you can let all your worries, all your cares, all your fears, just drift up towards this large white cloud… you can actually see them drifting away from you in a long slow spiral… like… swirling leaves on an autumn day – just spiralling away from you towards this large white cloud… the cloud absorbs all your worries into itself, swallowing up all your fears and anxieties and becoming steadily darker all the time, until, just as it reaches its darkest,
just as the last part of that spiral of your worries and cares disappears inside it… the sun bursts through!… dispelling every one of your worries, every one of your fears and anxieties, to the edges of the universe… leaving you totally relaxed and perfectly at ease with yourself, without a single care in the World… and now, all your troubles and cares having floated away from you, you settle yourself down into a comfortable position and just drift off into a deep and relaxing sleep… and while you sleep, you have a dream, a real dream…
You have already achieved many things, even to be here now. Perhaps you have just forgotten some of those attributes that make you who you are.

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