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Attracting Wealth & Abundance MP3

Attracting Wealth & Abundance MP3

This Attracting Wealth & Abundance MP3 audio-music recording was developed after many people wanted something they could listen to time and time again, to embed and realise their relationship with abundance and wealth.

Recorded by Terry Elston, this audio recording is designed to motivate and bring abundance to you, even in your sleep! If you like the words wealth and abundance, then you’re in the right place to listen to how to make it happen!

Here is an excerpt:

……money is an energy force, the illusion that you see it as an object can start to disintegrate. Let’s have a look at how you see the illusion of wealth & money to begin with.
I would like you in your imagination to be on one side of the room as you look across at this thing called money. I would like you to see money however you imagine it. Whether it be coins, notes, gold bars, silver bars, jewellery, houses, cars. However you perceive money, stack it up in one side of the room. If it has to be a garage or a car full, simply do that…..allow these sounds to caress every single part of your nervous system, your mind and sink down. Let go and allow abundance to come to you. Money fluttering through the air making the connections you need to make at the unconscious level on the inside and therefore transferred to the outside.
And your unconscious mind can make thousands and thousands of pictures of your success with money, wealth and abundance. Even whilst asleep your unconscious mind can produce images and feelings of success and you just let go into those feelings and allow wealth and abundance to come to you making the connections you need to make throughout your nervous system. Transferring those connections to the outside world so that the telephone rings at the right time, you meet the right person.
You are in synchronization with wealth and abundance, you are the creator, the author of your own wealth and depth. An ocean full of abundance for you naturally.

This whole journey traverses from material suggestion to abstract so your subconscious mind can dream, yet with some substance as well.

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The cover photo is Terry Elston in Costa Rica, having flown over from Cape Town via London. He used to do washing up in London!

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