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Seven day NLP Practitioner and Four Day Practitioner

What’s the difference between the Seven day NLP Practitioner and Four Day Practitioner course?

Basically the seven day NLP Practitioner course will have the whole curriculum of NLP, plus Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis included.

life coaching courses logosThe whole curriculum on an accredited NLP Practitioner course is completed in just four days. We can achieve that by having you complete your pre-study before attending and filling out a test to show you have grasped the essence of the concepts. You do not have to be a master of NLP before coming along, just that you have a good relationship with the techniques and process, so we can dive straight into the experiential part when you are here.

How can we training you in Hypnosis so quickly?

The Hypnosis accreditation body (AIP) deems that all your prior training (including pre-study) counts as hours towards your hypnosis training also. Therefore all the fantastic language patterns you are learning, the use of metaphor and the ability to have consciousness around the words you choose – go towards the ability to be a hypnotherapist. In fact, I declare that most NLP Practitioners that come through my institute have a greater ability with the conscious use of language than many hypnotherapists who have not been trained in NLP!

What parts are most useful when working with clients?

people in cape town nlp room
Having fun on a Cape Town Training!

The seven day course does bring together everything you’ve been learning throughout the four days. I would say that with the clients I have, I’m using my NLP, my Time Based Techniques and my hypnosis all the time. Not separately and distinguished, but integrated and seamless. Even when I’m running my corporate NLP trainings, I’m using elements of all the techniques combined together, even the hypnosis. When you begin to recognise that all change work and all behaviour is an unconscious process, you are on the road to realising that you always need techniques that engage with another person’s subconscious mind.

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