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Stressing Less Mp3

Stressing Less Mp3

On this recording, Terry Elston takes you into your darkness and then out into a world of colour, beautiful sounds and synchronising effects that guide you into a new future. Your journey is intelligently and blissfully structured with the perfect conscious use of hypnotic language, which speaks to your inner mind in it’s own language.

Here’s an excerpt:

….what is it today? – the smallest thing that you can intend to happen that is going to make a difference to you. Just hold that smallest nugget of this coming true. Every cell in your body is magnetic and allow the tiniest piece of energy of trust that you can create something today that makes a difference in your life. Somewhere this will manifest for you, will come true, you will see it and hear it because of your intention.

Allow your unconscious mind, outside of conscious awareness to surprise you today with what you create in the outside world.
That magnetic field fantastically formed, colourful magnetic field which connects with everything around you way, way out – why don’t you just go ahead and trust and experiment with this field by having a focus and intention that something’s going to happen today. Even outside of your awareness and make it happen.

You can make it happen and allow your unique energy force, your purpose and intention to be stronger than anything else that is around right now. No matter how chaotic things may seem. Just hold on to what you want to have happen today and trust it. Trust your own unique power. Of course there may be things you need to clear up to clear out this stress. And now we can go deeper even still….

…..imagine there is a lake in a beautiful place and this lake is filled with all the experience you have had in this lifetime and every other lifetime you might possibly have had and all the unique energies that is possible for you is in this lake and resources. It’s the kind of day that you love. Imagine that day that you love. Just look at the lake, look at what is around it, the beauty its unique, there is nobody else here, it’s yours. This is your unique place. Gorgeous, sublime experienced and intelligence resources inside here for you……

I would get this product even if you were NOT stressing! It is a most beautiful passage of sounds and images, internally and externally guiding you into bliss.

Stressing Less Mp3

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