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Motivation MP3

Motivation MP3


Motivation is the key to all amazing results. Take this trip with this motivation recording with especially designed unique sound waves to get you inspired. On these tracks, Terry Elston speaks and seduces you into a new state, a state of motivation that gets you up and running for the day!

Here is an excerpt of Time For Motivation

…..and notice how dry your mouth is. Become aware of how much you need some water now or any kind of drink. This thirst becomes stronger and stronger – perhaps you can start to feel how dry you mouth is becoming, just like someone had placed cotton wool inside there a few minutes ago and all the water left your mouth or has become absorbed.
You look in your rucksack. But all it has is old photographs, some old trophy’s that once you accomplished and an old flashlight that doesn’t work.
You REALLY need some water. Perhaps the HUNGER could wait, yet this wanting of refreshing liquid is becoming intolerable.
As you look at the top of the mountain you see something glistening. It looks like it could be a small lake – or a mirage. You can’t see clearly yet you are pretty sure it’s what you want.
So you want to start climbing. It’s a tall mountain, but the quicker you start, the sooner you will have your drink. Yet the road and pathways do seem a bit blocked. It’s almost as if the mountain is speaking and says “If you want to gifts, you have to be willing to rise up above the tree to get it.”
The thirst drives you to find a way. You map out with your eyes the best route and start to climb. Every step brings you closer to the top. With each step you become more and more focused in the path you are taking…….

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