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Confidence is a challenge we all have to deal with, so Terry made a product that uses all his NLP skills through language, plus specially created music and sounds to aid you though this period.
You will be taken on a deeply relaxing and hypnotic set of inductions that will make you feel you are inside a Harry Potter movie, yet with clear instructions to your unconscious mind of how to experience the effects in your real life.

Let the waves of sound take you further inside your body and travel deeper inside yourself. Feel how your body feels right now, go further into the feelings. You can be confident that you can feel how your own body feels, can you not? You can feel confident to let go now and start to relax. I will be with you on this journey and I will show you how to do this. You see confidence is about being able to relax – everything. And you may have thoughts in your mind – and that’s ok…just let the thoughts float away like clouds floating across the sky, let your thoughts drift away, like leaves on an autumn tree, far across the field; like a babbling brook running down the side of a mountain, let your thoughts tumble over each other, cascade over a waterfall, explode into droplets which evaporate into thin air, so you can just be here now. Getting yourself even more comfortable now you are in that comfortable position – just begin to allow those feeling of comfort, of wellness, to flow through your body. Perhaps you can start with your eyes. There are thousands and thousands of tiny cells on your eyelids and around your eyes…..

You will be transported to separate realities where you can discover your confidence and blossom into new beginnings. The sound quality is beautiful and the journey outstanding.

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