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How to find and keep your NLP clients

how to find and keep clients

How to find and keep your NLP clients Since being in Cape Town, I haven’t looked for any clients, yet they seem to find a way to me somehow or other! I thought it may be useful to some people if I wrote up some notes on getting clients and then how to set up the situation where they have full confidence in you and what you do. Let’s start … Continue Reading

Can NLP Help a Business?

terry elston standing with Eva Minkov

From my experience, NLP has been invaluable in assisting big business to improve its communication and development towards integrating corporate values into the system. GDS International NLP in management, sales training and coaching staff For example, when I got a call from GDS international, a large telephone marketing corporate in the UK, the brief was to run a training for the sales team. That would have a made a difference … Continue Reading