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Testimonials for NLP Training

Testimonials for NLP Training

The most recent training we ran was in Brighton in the UK. Even though it was a small group, the feelings were enhanced by so much excellent group rapport and appreciation for each other.

That made my job so much easier and every person had an amazing time. Here are some words from some of the participants:

“I attended the NLP Practitioner training held in Brighton from 14th to 20th June 2014.
The whole experience was extremely rewarding. I have been on many training courses and this was delivered in a completely professional manner throughout. The training moved me out of my comfort zone and challenged me all the way. I felt completely confident under the supervision and guidance of Terry and he was able to deliver both an experiential and skills and knowledge based training. I learnt a lot … about NLP, about the techniques and underpinning philosophy and more importantly about myself.

I also feel that the course has enabled me to take my coaching skills to another higher level and in order to achieve this I needed both a skill/knowledg shift and personal shift, all provided through the learning experience. I would recommend the course and Terry as the director and trainer with no reservations.
Many thanks to Terry, the other group members and the supporters who ensured we all had an incredible learning experience”. Peter Trenholme, 23rd Jul 2014

“I have been on many training courses in the past but I have never been on one as brilliant as the NLP World Practitioner course. Terry has a undeniable passion to pass on his knowledge to his students and really takes their learning personally. He was always on hand to answer any questions we had, however big or small. As a result of going on this course, I feel my life has changed 100% for the better. The knowledge I have acquired has not only helped me personally, but the people I am now helping too. Thank you Terry for your continued advise and support , you are an inspiration! I highly recommend Terry Elston and The NLP World Practitioner Course!” Deborah Burr NLP Practitioner July 2014

“Terry is an incredible person to work with. His passion, commitment and dedication to each soul is brilliant, I love his approach to training, teaching us how to get the best out of ourselves and he is never far away when you need a helping hand. If you want to change your life, this is your man!” Leanne Heavens, 10th Jul 2014

The last one in Cape Town SA was in May 2014

“The course took place in a ​gorgeous, tranquil setting and the​ food supplied was delicious! The​ content and presentation of the philosophy, foundation, principles and techniques of NLP were ​expertly delivered in a fascinating way. Personally I benefitted immensely, replacing many limiting beliefs, perspectives and debilitating emotions. Terry’s generous compassion, perception, commitment to truth, humour and expert language skills make him a first-class trainer. A​s a coach​, writer ​and mother​ this​ experience​ is, undoubtedly, enhancing my effectiveness”. Val Shayne CEO of The Lighthouse Project, Cape Town

Of course, people feel good straight after their course – but about after a few weeks – or years?

Rachel Coffey talks about her experience with NLP since she took her course: She has been a Master Practitioner of NLP for a few years and took her initial course about three and a half years ago.

Rosie Hall & Paul Burr give their experience of NLP: Rosie did the NLP Practitioners course in June 2014. Paul did his (now a Master Practitioner) about 8 years ago.

Rosie Hall NLP Testimonial

Paul Burr NLP Testimonial

Cathy Radcliff & Korab talk about the NLP evening and NLP in general = Full Length: Cathy took here course (now Master Practitioner) about 5 years ago. Korab is still to take his Practitioners course, yet has been influenced by Cathy (or is it the other way around) as they work together.

Cathy Radcliff & Korab edited version NLP how NLP fits in their personal and corporate world

Peter Trenholme expresses his idea of how NLP fits into the business world: Peter took his Practitioners course in June 2014.

Peter Trenholme on NLP and how it impacts on life

Timara Swales talks about her experience with NLP and the effects with her children: Timara took her Masters with me about 8 years ago.

Jodie Martin gives his appraisal of NLP: Jodie took his Masters with me about 1 year ago.

These are UK participants, so hopefully get some video shots in SA soon too!

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